Both of my cats have fleas D:

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  1. The poor things... they're in so much discomfort and there's not much else we can do right now other than give them some overly expensive flea medication and hope for the best. I just can't take see them like this, watching as the fleas affect their behavior and they bite away at the little demons underneath their fur, it's absolutely horrible I tell ya.
  2. What I did when my pets had fleas was to take a regular transparent tupperware container that wasn't too high on the sides, fill it up with 85% water and 15% dish soap (I don't think regular soap will work, it has to be for the dishes) mix it together and set it out in a room that has a lot of fleas and put a light under it. For example, my room used to be the most flea infested area, so I took my old iPhone, set it to not turn off on it's own, downloaded a flashlight app and set it on full brightness (and plugged in the charger) underneath the transparent tupperware filled with the water and dish soap, and turned off the light. The fleas were attracted to the light, and after only 5 minutes there were fleas already drowning in the bowl. They will get stuck in the liquid because the dishwasher soap makes the surface of the water too dense for them to get out of. I'm terrible at explaining, so here's a better example that also includes some other ways of making a flea trap. You can also use the dish soap & water trap whenever you brush the cat with a flea comb. After you brush and some fleas are on the brush, put the comb under the dish soap trap and watch the fleas drown. It was actually very amusing to see them slowly die... >:)

    Also, wash every single sheet that had/has a chance of coming into contact with fleas or their eggs. Vaccuum EVERYWHERE. GO CRAZY. WASH IT ALL. MIGHT AS WELL THROW YOUR CATS INTO THE CLOTHES WASHER AS WELL. (wait, don't do that) Remember to also try to kill the flea eggs too, because in the end, is no use trying to get rid of fleas if you're only going to target the live ones.

    I bet you already knew everything I told you anyways, but I told you again just in case.
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  3. I hope my wheelchair guardian doesn't get fleas :(
  4. I'm not sure about where you live, but you may want to check if there are any low cost/free spay and neutering clinics where you are. Some of them sell flea medication at a discounted price. If you do use anything, I suggest Comfortis, which they now make for cats as well as dogs. Not only will it kill the fleas and keep them off for a month, but if there's any skin irritation or allergic reaction from the bites, it will take care of that as well.
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  6. I'm sorry, I thought it was obvious that I wanted undying pity from you for my poor little cats of which you know absolutely jack all about except for one small, sad piece of information that's almost rather meaningless given that it happens to hundreds of pets every single day and is actually a kind of common issue among pet owners.
  7. >:[

    I shall pray for them.
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  8. Albeit begrudgingly.

    That said, it's important to act quickly rather than just waiting around for the medication to kick in, because the fleas can lay eggs in other places in your home or your yard or wherever your cats wander, and they can come back and/or affect the humans in your household as well.

    if you are diligent enough about it, you can actually bathe them for about 15 minutes in warm/lukewarm water with a flea-killing shampoo to help get rid of most (if not all) of the fleas. Go through their fur with a fine-toothed comb afterwards to help remove anything left over. Fleas hate water, so this should be pretty effective.
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  9. I have four cats and all are indoor cats. For some reason, they're fascinated with the outdoors and sometimes try to run out when someone comes in or leaves the house. One night, one cat was let outside and forgotten so he went into the grass and got fleas, gave them to the rest of our cats. We gave them Advantage flea killer, from Walmart. We tried the other stuff, but it didn't work as well, and with Advantage you can treat your cats more frequently. As for the rest of the house, we used a natural powder that you sprinkle on the carpet. You let it sit for a while then vacuum it up. That did the trick. Then you might try giving your cats a bath. They probably won't like it, but it might work.

    I know what it's like to watch them in their discomfort. One, after having fleas, she's still twitchy even now and it's been months.
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  10. My only question is how do I tell when the fleas are all gone?
  11. Use Dawn dish soap. My brother used it on his dogs and also, you can use white vinegar with water. Look up natural remedies via Google as they work just as well or better then the overly expensive stuff that can actually cause seizures or pain to our pets. <_<

    I uses this "organic" cream I got from the pet store on my Bichon and it was horrible. He screamed so badly and lost a big patch of fur on his side, it was red omo and this was just shampoo...

    Ugh but I hope your cats feel better! Fleas are also attracted to white <_<
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  12. I got my cats from this really unsanitary animal shelter and they all had fleas. For awhile, we had to endure flea bites as we persistently bathed them, physically squished all fleas we saw, and had them wear these special collars that help get rid of fleas. Our family was confident the fleas were gone when the cats stopped scratching themselves like crazy and when my legs stopped getting new flea bites. We've never seen a flea or flea bite ever since (it probably helped to keep the cats indoors as well).