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I'm looking for someone interested in RPing a kidnapped Princess Peach from the popular NES video game franchise Super Mario Brothers.

The RP is about the secret relationship between the Bowser and the Princess. What goes on behind the scene as the brave heroes Mario & Luigi are out fighting monsters, saving the world? Is there a hidden reason why Princess Peach is so easily captured and never tries to escape?

Kinks: Size difference, Monster sex, Non-con to romance, Impossible Stretching during sex (Cartoon-like Anatomy), Master/Pet, BDSM, Anal, Complete Penetration Ass to Mouth and visa versa.
I prefer RP via email.​
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Hiya! This sounds really interesting! I'd love to give it a try with you and I'm fine with email.


I can't do email, but if that's not required, I'm interested.~
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