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  1. Hello All!!

    My name is Samantha, but please call me Sam. You can also call me Yu or Tase, per my username. That's fine too. I am a 27 year old female university student. I am new to the site, but not to RPing. I was a member of a RP site by the name of Gaia Online for a little over ten years. So I certainly know what I am doing when it comes to RPing, but of course there is always room to learn and grow. Since Gaia has become over run by younglings that don't really know what they're doing and don't take the time to learn, I have been looking for new RP sites that are a bit more adult friendly.


    I LOVE Fantasy Roleplays. Magic, swords, dragons, castles, grand hall, gothic dresses, from light and fluffy, elegant and poise, to grim and dark. I love them all. I had done my fair share of Mature Roleplays as well. I also love a good futuristic Scifi RP. I also like to do Group and One on One Roleplays. I don't have a preference between the two, either works for me.


    I am GMT -7, so Mountain Standard Time. Generally you will see me on during the day (late mornings or early afternoons) or in the late-ish evening.


    Sunshine and beaches or shade and air-conditioning? Definitely shade and air-conditioning. Unless Mountains and a good breeze was an option, then that would have been my choice.

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind? Savage Garden ~ Affirmation
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  2. Hello Sam I'm Bucky. I'm sorry to hear about Gaia being over run with bed wetters. I hope good fortune shines over you here at Iwaku. This is a more adult friendly site ,but the important part is the organization. RPers who want adult stuff can find it with convenience. If your looking for something less anal (giggity) they have that too.if you need help there is a forum in the forum category just for you. You can also ask anyone for help this is a very friendly place. You seem to have alot of experience wit rping. A good deal more then me. I will be looking forward to rping with you in the future hopefully you can teach me a thing or too. Statistically i'm a fast learner. it only took me 18 years to learn long division.....the dudes who were sitting next to me were dumb..........i said statistically. do you have any questions or concerns of me Sam?
  3. Hey there, Yu! Looking forward to RPing with you!
  4. Thanks Bucky! And it happens. I'm just glad I have had the chance to find some new places to try out. ^.^ I do like that this particular site has a healthy balance. And nope, no questions.

    And thanks Izu!! I look forward to RPing with you as well.
  5. Welcome to the site, Sam! I support your life choices in shade and air-conditioning.
  6. Haha! Thank Expllo. I can't stand excessive heat.
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  7. I feel you, homie.
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  8. Welcome to Iwaku! I don't know how you managed to put up with Gaia for as long as you did o.o, I didn't last a year over there! Happy to have you here now, Iwaku is always open to anyone with a love for roleplaying <3

    Also, the fact that you're listening to savage garden is totally awesome to me. They were one of my faves growing up.
  9. @Esthalia: In all honesty, I only did it because I had some friends over there that were literate and not children. I only ever RPed in maybe two threads that were just them and me. It certainly helped, it just prevented me from ever RPing anywhere else. Plus there setup now is quite ridiculous, over the top, and (I feel) quite unnecessary for a good RP site.

    And seriously. I love Savage Garden. The Animal Song is my second favorite song of there. I am also obsessed with Fleetwood Mac and Lindsey Stirling. Because they are amazing.
  10. Well I'm happy that you're here now then! :P

    And OMG Lindsey Sterling! Don't even get me started ahaha! @_@
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