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  1. Do you feel like there is something you were "Born to do" ?
    If so, what is it and what makes you think it is your life goal to do this thing?
  2. I actually feel like I was born to write. It's all I want to do, ever.
  3. Yes, and I think that thing is to bring awareness to the lack of knowledge possessed by many of my peers and fellows of the world today. Why? Because I’ve done it my whole life and it just feels right.
  4. From the moment I first picked up a camera, it felt so natural. When I took photography in high school, it was just too easy. I graduated with a 94% in both of my photography classes. Even now when I take pictures, it doesn't matter what device I'm using (be it a professional camera or just a camera on a phone), my pictures always turn out so beautiful. Guess I sound vain but hell, I'm happy that I have this natural talent. I have a dream. To be a photographer for a specific magazine. Maybe I'll get there one day. :)

    Also, I feel like I was born to work with technology. The rate at which I figure out how a device works is "fricken creepy" to quote some friends and family. :P
  5. I can't say that I have, certainly I have imagined a destiny or a set fate or something I was supposed to do but it never felt authentic.

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  6. experience. And live long enough to.
  7. I can't see myself doing anything else but writing things that will change the world. That's always been what I've wanted, to be a force great enough to change the world, and I'm mostly good at writing, so I can't see myself doing much else.
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  8. From as far back as I can remember I've had an obsession with creating. It started with Legos as a kid. I always wanted to build something, and once I finished, I wanted to build it better. I've also always had this passion for drawing, and whenever I was given permission in school to get creative, I would always run away with the idea, which is why short stories are so hard for me to do now. It wasn't until about three years ago, on my eighteenth birthday, that I started writing. I got a binder full of paper for my birthday from my girlfriend at the time. I'd told her about an idea for a story and she encouraged me to start writing. Been doing it ever since.

    I'd like to believe this is what I was born to do. Write, draw - just something to get the ideas in my head out into the real world. I don't really know if it's what I was born to do, if it's my destiny or something, but I know I'm not gonna stop.
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  9. Haha, I felt like I was born to be a writer, too. Ever since I was a child, I wrote poems, essays, speeches, and stories that my mother and teachers always held onto for keepsakes. I've had a book "published" for one of my school's libraries, too. And whenever someone reads my writing, I'm told that I have a very impressive vocabulary and they feel as if they're reading the voice of a scientist.

    In addition to that, I was born to be a part of science. :) I thoroughly enjoy biology, specifically. I like creepy gross things, microscopes, and the complicated vocabulary that goes along with it all. I'd be studying to become a biologist or something of that nature if the mathematics requirements weren't so demanding... (Not born to do math, lol. Dammit.)
  10. Honestly, I have no idea. I enjoy a great deal of things in life, many of which I could say I was born to do because I simply take so much pleasure in them. I love writing, creating characters, filling them with life and then present their stories to people, but I also like to build the world around them, to form connections between them and their surroundings. I also like learning languages and I am not afraid to speak them with people, but on the other hand, I enjoy solving a mathematical exercise or a physics problem just as much. I guess that I am a naturally scattered person with many interests that overlap and interact in strange ways.
  11. I've always wanted to be a singer, but my own personal concerns and contemplations about myself kept me back. I'm slowly working on it and I hope to one day be able to stand up in front a crowd to share what I love so much.
  12. I was born to help and listen. I feel it in every part of my bones and it's just a heartache when I want to help an individual but in the end I can't... (like homeless people).
    I don't know why I know this, not really. But since I've had a conscience I know that this is what I am bound to do. What else can I say? Helping people brings joy into my life, it makes me...happy.
  13. Born to make people smile and happy.
    I crave to make people smile.
    It's what I like to do for the world.
  14. If I'm honest, I feel like I was born to be the sidekick.
    Not that I'm complaining - I don't have the talent to be a leader. I'm more than capable of lending a helping hand, a listening ear and a leg-up if it's needed, though.
    And while I long for the limelight, it's good to know that people appreciate me.

    I guess I was also born to be the voice of caution amongst gung-ho individuals.
    I always seem to be caught up with people who take chances, and though I don't believe in fate, it feels right for me to be there to hold them back.
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  15. i hope one day all of us accomplish what we feelw e're out to do!
  16. Keep assholes in line.

    Because I was given a mouth.


    It's the only thing I am awesome at. ;__;

    And I guess playing pretend. I am good at that too!
  18. I was born to be crazy >:I
    Im paranoid about tiny things touching me, i think of random stuff at times, and i say the darndest things!~
    so i guess i was born to have people laugh at/with me maybe...
    i do enjoy knowing i was able to make people smile or laugh....

    oh... i was also born TO BE A BOSS! LIKE A BOSS!
  19. I think I was born to help people. I love reaching out to others, especially those in need.
    Unfortunately this has yet to translate into my career/life, as I am still trying to decide how to go about this. However, I know that I want to help people, and that is my mission in life. I want to do good! :)