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Are YOU a leader or a follower?

Being a leader takes great responsibility and courage, but remember a Leader is nothing without loyal followers. There is nothing wrong with being a supportive follower, not to be confused with "The bully's sidekick" type personality.

For me, Its mostly situational. If I am confident in a certain area of my life I can easily lead a group, however in some cases I don't mind being a follower.

Another thing I was wondering, Do you prefer to lead or Follow in RP? And is it the same for you in RL?

I think its pretty obvious what I am. XD

I have always had a REALLY strong Leader personality. This goes all the way back to being a little kid and yet somehow bossing around people twice my age during neighborhood games. .___.; At school I had my packs, at home, and even when going out and hanging with strangers.

Of course, there was a period where all of that leadership confidence was beaten out of me. >>; My mom and grandmother spent all that time when I was little conditioning me to be a leader-person and think for myself, but once I was old enough to realize that I didn't like the way acted, they spent the next ten years trying to beat me back in to the follower line. o_____o Now (at least in real life) I let other people do the leading, cause I'm so afraid I'mma get hit. t____t;

Thank god for the internet and me finding my... uh... "position" in life? XD

IN ROLEPLAY I AM A LEADER. >:3 I am an aggressive plot pusher. Which can get frustrating sometimes when people get too dependent on me to do all the moving and shaking. >>;; sometimes I wanna be the lazy one and have someone else do all the work...
I'm a leader, but a lazy one. I usually attract followers but then when they want a decision I make them pick and then I turn around tell them no and we all do what I want to do anyways XD

I like being in charge but I feel like I can be too nice and I don't want others to dislike my choices etc.
I'm a leader, but a lazy one. I usually attract followers but then when they want a decision I make them pick and then I turn around tell them no and we all do what I want to do anyways XD

I like being in charge but I feel like I can be too nice and I don't want others to dislike my choices etc.
I do not like leading.

I'm lazy, and I have a terrible habit of second-guessing my decisions, so I tend to be indecisive in critical moments-- if I'm in charge. When I'm left to my own devices, generally, I'm fine and take the right steps in the right direction. But when I'm responsible for others? Eh, something just happens.

I prefer to be in a second-in-command position, and honestly, it's where I'm best at. I'm very good at motivating and captivating others; honestly, in a D&D setting, I'd have really good Charisma. One of my best friends told me if I had joined the military, I would've excelled at being a prime example of what an NCO should be.

That being said, I am a capable leader. When I'm in a position where the leader is obviously not good at it themselves, I usually step up to the plate and operate like I would if I was on my own. Generally, it works out.
They say greatness is born, not made.

That's a load of bullshit.

I am a leader. Controlled, direction aggressiveness. Assertiveness. Absolute confidence tempered by self-awareness of one's limitations--and awareness of how to overcome them. These are the qualities of leadership, the qualities of greatness. These are not inborn traits, but ones born from hard work and application of oneself. One does not get to my position in life by sticking to the walls. Take a chance and step out, embrace the unknown, but tether yourself to basic principles that guide your steps.

A leader uses his aggressiveness, assertiveness, and confidence to inspire his team, bringing the whole into a new level of ability they did not have as individuals. A leader is only as powerful as his team. This humbling fact must be reconciled with the leader's confidence, and is the core behind his self-awareness: That while the role of Leader is one of authority and power, it is also attendant to others allowing him to lead them. The Leader must always accept the fact that while his is the power to bring others to new heights, the followers have the power to make him a leader in the first place.

As for me, I am a leader. I was not always. Early in my career, it was all too easy to stay in the background and let more confident, surer colleagues take charge. But now that I near the end of my schooling and as the day I become a physician draws closer, I find that the responsibilities and authority intendent in that profession draws forth the leader within. When its 1 am in the morning, and a critically ill patient enters MY floor, becomes MY responsibility, and that life falls into MY hands, then I must be as sure, as confident, and as authoritative as I can be in order to save that life.

Even as a mere medical student, this heavy responsibility has fallen into my lap more than once. And in the crucible of my education, in the trenches of the hospital floor, I had to man up and finally grow into the duties that have and will honor me. I had to become a leader.

And now, I am.
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I don't have enough self-confidence to be a leader. I'll be an assistant to the leader, but if not that, I'm content with just being the team player. I have no problem with being told what to do, as long as everything's fair.

However. If there are no other volunteers, I'll take the initiative. I've had to take leadership several times in my school days because my grade matters more than my level of comfort. I believe in the phrase "If you want something done right, do it yourself.", and on many occasions, that's been the case for school... Heck, even in college I'm confronted with these decisions. We get team projects all the time for my online economics class! I have to be the one to look at all the answers, judge whose are best for the certain questions for the final, then post it. Luckily, I've gotten no criticism for it. :s

As an older sister, I have to be a good role model, which comes with leading... I've done a lot of that in my household too. Which is different, because screwing up in front of my family doesn't come with as many consequences. Unless, I did something morally wrong. Siblings learn from my mistakes, though. One of the best ways to do it...
I'm one of those lazy leaders who doesn't really want to lead but can't bare to see someone botch the job. I let just about anyone else lead first, but if I see problems I'm quick to step in and help, this usually end up with me being a co leader or taking over entirely.
I'm a strong advocate that thous the WANT to lead should be the second to last people to get the job, the one's whop just can't lead shouldn't even get a chance
I am a teacher and a defender. At times that can translate into leadership. I could work on my self confidence like many, but part of the secret when you are leading is not to look like you're doubting yourself. This is of course different then completely bullshitting your knowledge, but when a decision has to be made you make it, and you except the concequences.

I like the roll of the second in command because I can take a roll to support someone else's agenda. I don't usually have my own agenda, so this works out. I have no problem telling my leader when I think they're wrong, but I'd like to think I have enough decorum to say it without offence.
I prefer the role of loyal follower to leader. perhaps because its easier for me to do as i'm told and be loyal than to take risks and assert myself over others.
I can lead or follow, but it's mostly circumstantial. I prefer to follow, though, and in RPs, I won't lead unless prodded.