Born to Kill

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It's nothing fancy. What needs to happen, is the humans need to post them doing something they'd normally be doing during a Saturday afternoon during early December and start traveling to the tree where the weapons are like Luther is. Their reactions should be the same as his, but you can be more dramatic if you want. (:

Soooo, weapons don't really need to make posts yet. Heck, I made only like two lines for my weapon chic. xD Your time will come when everyone arrives and frees you. Which will not take long if everyone makes their first post...

mkay then.
Kari's probably going to go on about how Luther will hold the power to shape his own destiny, forge his future, shape the world, so on and so forth...

*does homework*
Time for the weapons to surprise the humans, lots of questions, introductions and such! Have fun! ^_~'m sorry...

IT all seemed to fit and uh...

AAGH who am I kidding, it seemed funny and it was too good an opportunity to pass up on. So there >.>
Heheeee. It amuses me to no end that Detorqueo basically ignores all the rules that everyone else operates by. And before you ask, yes, that is perfectly in keeping with his character.
Hey, everyone! So Fluffy has left Iwaku and I've volunteered to take over (with Ric's help, thankies, Ric!). Does everyone else want to continue? Personally I think this RP has a lot of potential and it's been a lot of fun so far. I'd like to see how far we can go before bowing out.
So Patrick and Kari are paired up, Luther is going on with his life, and Lydia has mysteriously vanished!

Your enemy won't be immediately clear so everyone will have to wrap things up and head home! Your first battle is all by yourselves so best of luck!

Without giving away a whole lot, your first enemies are monsters and demons disguised as humans. The weapons are equipped with an ability, a sixth sense, that allows them to recognize who is human and who is a monster in disguise. They die in the same way all living things die but have a tough skin and are really strong. Decapitation is possibly the quickest way to finish things although you may get messy and just tear them limb from limb in which they bleed to death. It's up to you. Fortunately they travel alone so have fun!

Each weapon will pick a random human that may seem suspicious to them or they might even realize the human isn't a human at all. This is their sixth sense but they may or may not be rusty as it's been quite awhile. So it could be anything from a homeless person to the woman in the park feeding pigeons and squirrels.

I'll NPC the human/monster once they've been identified so we can keep things moving.

Name: Nadia von Armor



Nadia is friendly and compassionate but has trouble expressing it. She is prone to being overly affectionate, hugging complete strangers, and instead of being angry, she becomes sad instead, easily moved to tears and wailing. She is melodramatic and tends to get crushes rather easily, as well as being talkative and not afraid to pry into your personal business.


Weapon mate:

Nadia's father is an international businessman and a workaholic who lost his wife when his daughter was born. To soothe the loneliness, Nadia started learning to play instruments and can speak three different languages: English, Japanese, and Italian. She was born in Rome, Italy but has recently moved to the U.S. to be closer to her father, after finishing boarding school.
Activity Report for this roleplay, please&thankyou :)
Still good, thanks, Sakura. Just a bit slow. XD
Alright then! I need to know who is still playing of the few players left so I can reorganize things and hence will be sending out PMs asking if you're still in or if you wish to drop Born to Kill.

I'll do some shameless advertising and bribe someone to do a siggy banner for me to help.

As for slots open, there are human and weapon slots to fill so if anyone reading this is interested in joining please post!
Well, I'm still in, if you'll still have me.

It's just that in between two moves, St Nicholas and Christmas, my activity kind of went to shit. I'm also not really allowed to stay up all night anymore (one of the conditions of being allowed to live in my new über home)

Either way I'll TRY to stay active, just like I'm trying with IW
Oh okay. Thanks everyone! So, let me put down a short character list so I can remember who is who and to hopefully lessen confusion for interested people. Players are in ( ). XD

Weapons/Human Partner

Detorqueo (Ric)/Fei (Alarice)
Kari (Neko) /Patrick (Myrn)
Marius (Kitti)/Nadia (Alarice)
We waiting on a post from someone? Things have slowed down a bit.