Born to Kill

A book I read is actually what inspired me to make this RP. This, and Soul Eater. Sorry TZS and Ricarten. c___c; Haha. I didn't think this was that awesome...

Aaand thank you, Archy. She's really cool! Can't see the picture, though.
really? It's there code-wise, so you can find the url inside the img and spoiler code tags.
*sigh* Too late. Detorqueo/Escher is already bouncing around in my head. Now I need to type him up if only so he'll stop bothering me while I'm trying to work on 2C. Might as well join...

Besides, it'd probably do me a bit of good to play a 'bad guy' for a change (Escher's kinda...disturbed.)
Thanks Fluffy!

By the way, what happens if the RP starts and a human doesn't have a weapon partner?
I'm in!

Human female. Late teens, early twenties. A real go-get-'em girl. Bio up shortly...
Thanks Fluffy!

By the way, what happens if the RP starts and a human doesn't have a weapon partner?

Don't worry, I won't start if there isn't a partner for one or the other. Worst comes to worst, I'll make more characters or ask for a volunteer to make an additional. :3

Okie dokie, Bunny! <3 Can't wait to see your character sheet. That's it for the humans, then. Make sure those of you who don't have a pair on your profile gets one! Maybe Alarice and Kitti can pair up? :D *Pressures wifey to make her character*
Then, all that's left is a partner for Bunny after I approve her character and we can get this on!
As soon as I finish my 2C stuff, I'll crank out Detorqueo. I'd be happy to be Alarice's partner-type. Just be aware that he'll be somewhat...warped.
Okay! Coolio. All spots are filled, then. Sorry to anyone who might have looked here and was too late. =[

Take your time, Rica. I'm excited to start that RP of yours.

I'll update the post with the human and weapon listings. That way you can all see who needs a partner and whatnot.

EDIT: Looks like the Bunny and the Kitti are to be a pair. <3 Heehee.
Name: Maurius
Gender: Male
Physical age: 20
Personality: Aloof and slightly icy, he has a way of caring for people that often gets them to overlook what he's actually doing, or misconstrue his actions. He's a bit hard to relate to, and very difficult to care about but he's a steadfast ally and a loyal partner.
Human form:
Weapon form:

A pair of twin daggers, sharper than the finest edge of a razor, made for an assassin.
Human mate:
Having fallen into the hands of an owner whose motives he scorned, Maurius committed a act fatal to his wielder, he willed ever so slightly and the hoops at his tips made a lovely tinkling jangle, giving the assassin away and leaving himself discarded on the ground, forgotten before even the others were recalled. Due to this, Maurius feels a certain bitterness about working with anyone else.
Sweet! I can't wait to get started!

Thanks, Ric! It'll be fun to see how Fei gets along with him. It's a good thing she lives alone. XD
Maurice is gorgeous, Wifey. Accepted, of course. <3
Name: Skyler “Skye” Jordan

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Personality: Her motto is “CARPE DIEM, SEIZE THE DAY!”. A real go get ‘em girl, she’s active in all aspects of her life: both physically and mentally. At 19, she’s past the broody, introspective stage of her life (not that she’d had much of that) and is pretty aware of herself. Her self awareness translates itself into confidence about what she wants and an acceptance and pride in herself. As a result, she may come off as slightly brash and “all up in your business” to those who are a little more shy and reserved, but her good humour and optimism make it hard for others not to forgive her.
Physically, her “go get ‘em” attitude translates into a love of sports and the outdoors; it’s difficult for her to sit around and her impatience tends to get the better of her. She’s also fond of those adrenaline pumping moments...


Weapon mate:

Bio: Her father is a lawyer dealing with international law and, as Skye was growing up, spent a lot of time abroad. When Skye reached her pre-teens, she began to travel with him occasionally, growing to respect and love a life of traveling. She’s currently studying in biology, with the intent of going into marine biology next.
Looks like I've got everyone! Woohoo! I'll get the IC started up soon as I can. I have homework, so that has to come first. So tonight or tomorrow, I should be able to get this started. <3
..Also, I will be gone friday, saturday, and most of sunday. So if you're planning on a SUPAHFAST pace, I'd have to hold off on posting for a bit.

Name: Detorqueo [Latin: "to bend aside, to warp"]

Gender: Male

Physical age: 19

Personality: Detorqueo enjoys pain and suffering perhaps a little too much. That said, the people he likes are usually his antithesis - people who inflict pain only when necissary. The most mercenary of the Weapons, Detorqueo has rarely acknowledged any person as "master." Rather, he has served whoever saw fit to wield him. On the rare occasions when a wielder has used him against a person he has cared for, retribution has been swift and gruesome.
Sadistic tendencies aside, he is a very intense individual who never lies, except by omission.

Human form: Detorqueo, when in human form, stands just over five feet, six inches tall with a lean, athletic build. He has violent purple eyes, dark skin, and shoulder-length irridescent black hair. Whenever he forms clothing, it is always some form of black, purple, or blue, and is usually dark. He has a tendency to form himself longcoats.

Weapon form:
When a person is struck by Detorqueo in his weapon form, they die, pure and simple. Not always right away - sometimes a slow, lingering death, as though from a particularly sadistic poison. Sometimes they undergo horrible, otherworldly contortions and expire in impossible configurations. But they always die.

Human mate: Fei Yen Valaria Talbot

Bio: The second of the Weapons to be created, Detorqueo seems to have recieved all the malignance and intensity that Lydia somehow missed, and it hasn't done him any favors. He doesn't hold it againts her; rather, he clings to her as his only pillar of morality.
I likey, Ricarten. >:3

So perhaps I should start the IC a little later than I wanted due to Archy's absence. Seems right to me.
Aw, thanks! Just don't wait so long that everyone forgets..
I'm starting the IC tomorrow after my classes. I've been sick, so I got kinda delayed... Sorry everyone. Tomorrow for sure!
Understood, Fluffy. I hope you feel better and have fun with the classes!
Thanks, Alarice. They are..not that fun but still okay. That's how it is when you're working on your first two years of college. X3

I am working on an essay that's due tomorrow. I'll multi-task...

EDIT: I <3 your avatar. LAWL.