Born to Kill

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  1. ~ BORN TO KILL ~


    Long, long ago... Gods created a handful of men and women to be killers. They were made with a humanoid form and the form of a weapon. People wielded these weapons in war, giving their side an advantage. Overtime, these special weapons became very valuable and started to go up for sale, treated as slaves when in human form and even abused if they refused a request. Each one eventually got separated, which wasn't supposed to happen. They were to remain with the Romans forever...

    This angered the Gods, who had the weapons brought back to them and kept in a chest to be locked up and never used by humans again. They were selfish, cruel and ungrateful creatures who mistreated as well as misused the special weapon creations.

    Countless years later, the chest was opened! No one knows who did it, but the weapons fell from the trunk and scattered across the city of Brooklyn, New York. Each one remains, longing for human contact. They can do nothing more but talk to each other with the use of telepathy - A gift each of them share as siblings.

    They are awaiting you... Their soul mates. So they can be freed. Be warned, though. For their awakening will alert dangers from their realm. It's their responsibility, as well as yours, to protect mankind from these terrors.​

    [b]Age:[/b] Should be 18+. Don't want children handling them sharp things. ;)
    [b]Weapon Partner:[/b]

    [b]Physical age:[/b] They're thousands of years old, so just say how old they look to be.
    [b]Human form:[/b]
    [b]Weapon form:[/b] If you want your weapon to be a firearm, include in your bio how they transformed from, say, a crossbow to a gun. I'll allow that kind of evolution now. :)
    [b]Human Partner:[/b]
    [b]Bio:[/b] (All of the weapons have the same history. Put something that makes each individual different, though. :] Like if they once had a lover, made a punishable move, whatever… )

    Alexis "AJ" Johnson and Alexander
    Brent "Big B" Buchannon and Priscilla
    Constantine Rosenkrall and Alyss

    Not accepting anymore characters. Unless, you see this and want to make a bad guy or somethin'. I'm keeping the main cast small so that this roleplay has more hope of finishing. :]
  3. My Weapon;;



    Physical age:

    Ever a friendly member of her weapon family. She enjoys conversation from small talk to political issues; not a single thing seems to bore her. Years of abuse shaped her into a broken girl, but she remains optimistic about the wielder who follows the last. That optimism is to help her human partner just as much as herself; she strongly believes a positive attitude can get a person far. That is, unless she hates her wielder. In those cases, her attitude is bitter and she'll act like an immature, difficult teenager. When it's time for battle, she seems like a different person. Priscilla becomes focused, stoic, sometimes even blood thirsty.

    Human Form:
    Priscilla stands at 5'7" tall with fair skin and long, orange hair. Her eyes are a single shade of black, making her pupils seem nonexistent. Around these mysterious eyes are markings coloured purple, giving her a more intimidating appearance. She's decorated in lots of jewelery she collected over the years, all of them gifts from past wielders that she refuses to ever remove.

    Weapon form:
    War Hammer

    Human Partner:
    Brent "Big B" Buchannon

    For her entire life, she served male warriors and only male warriors. Reason being, not many women had the strength to lift a heavy war hammer and be able to use it on the battlefield. Some, she grew fond of and even became close friends with. The most memorable men of all are forever strong in her memories so she could carry on their legacies. Others, she despised. As years passed, she noticed how power hungry, as well as moronic, warriors were becoming. Times when she'd stubbornly refuse to join a battle got her brutally punished, by both her master and the Gods. This caused her to become skeptical of her creators; did they not see the wrong being committed? Did they even care? Due to the punishable defiance, she no longer disobeys orders. Instead, she follows them with a sour attitude and can only hope her wielder will perish for his cruelty. She awaits the day she meets someone who will use her rightfully, to defend the innocent rather than hurt them. The positive part of her knows that not all human beings are selfish.

    My Human;;

    Alexis "AJ" Johnson



    Alexis is often misunderstood, causing her to interact as little as possible with society. She's bubbly when she's at work or around friends, even if she's truly unhappy. Her obsession with cuteness makes it difficult to take her seriously sometimes, despite that she's covered with tattoos and metal. When she tries to be tough, it never helps her case any.

    Thin framed girl with a decent amount of muscle to tone her arms and legs. Where there isn't tattoo ink, there's pale flesh. She wears her wavy, black hair in a pony tail most of the time, or some other style relating to it. AJ's eyes are a dark brown and she's often seen wearing lip gloss, as well as eye shadow, in assorted colours. The right side of her lip is pierced, as are her left nostril, left eyebrow and naval.

    Weapon Partner:

    As an only child with parents who weren't too social themselves, Alexis spent a lot of time by herself. Throughout every school year, nothing interested her more than art. During her free time, she'd draw. Over the summer, she'd fill canvases with paint. Her parents knew that someday, she'd make a living with her artwork. Although they wished she could have had a more glamorous social life, they could see she was plenty happy alone with her art supplies. Whatever AJ wanted or needed, it was granted since there was money to spare. Money could go a long way for an only child and her two parents. They even paid for her to move to New York to attend an art academy.

    An art career was taken further in college and eventually, she settled on being a tattoo artist. Many parlors have purchased her masterpieces and given discounts for her to get her own tattoos. She's also been trained to give the tattoo art herself! It's the only place she feels genuinely happy anymore, because her apartment is quite lonely. The people she considers her friends are her coworkers. In present day, she's learning to be a piercer and continuing her work at a tattoo parlor called The Mad Tatter.
  4. Reserved for weapon!

  5. Name: Alyss

    Gender: Female

    Physical age: 18

    Personality: Alyss tends to be happy-go-lucky which is strange for a weapon. She has regressed back into what many would think is a childlike state, open minded and full of curiosity every modern thing she encounters is like a brand new adventure. When combat arises however she becomes bloodthirsty and shows off a darker side of her personality. She tends to think that transforming into a weapon and destroying the problems are the best solutions, usually suggested along with a giggle.

    Human form: Alyss looks to be a fairly normal human. She's rather average height being only 5'5" and has long loose platinum blond curls. Her tell is in her eyes, where she completely lacks pupils instead her piercing blue eyes cover them completely. Her skin is very pale giving her an almost ethereal look.

    Weapon form: Weighted Chain Whip

    Human Partner: Constantine Rosenkrall

    Bio: Alyss was known as one of the more fearsome weapons, loving to strangle her enemies and decimating the armies that dared oppose her. When she was transported into modern day she fell into the financial district on Manhattan, near the docks. She hit her head which caused a split in her personality making her sweeter and kind although her insanity still lurks just below the surface.
  6. Name: Constantine Rosenkrall
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Personality: Aloof and chilly, Constantine is not a friendly person.
    Weapon Partner: Alyss
    Constantine is the heir to General Electric, the source of energy for the majority of the states in the country. Constantine was rarely with his parents and when he was, it was generally to ease him into the society of businessmen by presenting the young master at galas and charity dinners.

    Constantine does not resent his parents in any way for leaving him alone for most of his life and paying people to spend time with him. He does not see it as a fault of his that he is not emotionally open and in fact considers it an advantage. Constantine is fully prepared to take on the company duties, in his opinion.

    The most alarming part of his coldness is his ability to act - he puts on a warm front for the benefactors to charities and other people of importance. The ease with which he manipulates their emotions is disconcerting to an outside viewer.
  7. no fancy pictures and stuff from me....Zypher told me Coney Island was the "bad non-ghetto neighborhood" I wanted for my char. Figured a big guy working in construction (and demolishing) was the best suited for wielding a war-hammer.

    Brent "Big B" Buchannon



    He's mostly quiet and reserved, preferring to listen to everyones opinions before speaking his mind.He cares a lot about doing the right thing no matter the situation, and gets upset when others do not share this view. He is a lot more intelligent then he looks, but sadly uneducated so he can come off as a slow thinker despite his intelligence. A softhearted giant, he's really slow to anger, and people can get away with a lot, but if someone does manage to piss him off, he's prone to fly into a rage so deep only a big shock will snap him out of it.

    At 6'8" he's a veritable giant, standing far above the average person on the street. Several years of labor have only served to increase his bulk, giving him a brutish appearance. His eyes are a soft hazel and lay deep into their sockets, hiding behind the half-long chestnut hair that curtains them. his mouth is broad, and when he smiles, it looks like it splits his face apart, a terrifying sight for those that aren't used to it. He prefers to wear white T-shirts and jeans (either black or blue) and generally wears army boots.

    Weapon Partner:

    Born as the only son in a struggling family in Coney Island, Brent never really got a fair chance at life. In school he was often teased with his second hand clothes and sloppily cut hair. This mostly stopped when he hit puberty and shot up in both length and girth, but his gentle and quiet demeanor meant there were still a few bullies left, though he had also made some friends in Eric Maddison and Julia Halford. When Brent was sixteen, one of these bullies finally went too far as he tried to force himself on Julia in front of Brent. Brent lost it and attacked the bully, resulting in a fractured skull, two broken ribs and a shitload of bruises putting the bully into hospital. Brent was expelled even AFTER Julia stood up for him, on the grounds that excessive violence was never to be excused.
    After he was expelled, Brent decided he didn't want to go back to school anymore. Aside from his friends (who he still kept in contact with) it had been a horrible time for him and so he decided to apply for a job at a construction company. Despite his age, he was hired for his excellent physique. First he was being payed in cash, but when he turned eighteen he managed to get a full contract with the company, with the promise that if he continued to work like that, he might one day become foreman.
    Brent still isn't a foreman, but still works at that construction company as it's the only thing paying the bills right now. He regularly calls with Julia and Eric, but doesn't really see them all that much anymore between his work and their own busy careers. Perhaps one day he'll go back to school, once he's saved up enough money, but he doesn't see it happen anytime soon, and is really hoping for a lucky break.
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  10. Name:

    Gender: Male

    Physical age: 40

    Personality: Somewhat manic and unstable, Alexander can go from being a kind, affable man to one wading deep in the throes of depression. The centuries being locked away have done things to him, leaving him more time than anyone could fathom to think on the things he has done against his will... and the things he has chosen to do.

    Human form: Stands at an imposing 6'4", with a lean body of very powerful, tight-corded muscles. He weighs 210 lbs., his skin a fair complexion. His brown hair is touched softly by white, a curiousity considering his agelessness, and he maintains a scratchy, thin beard which is even more dominated by the white that highlights his hair. His eyes are a soft brown with a haunting emptyness to them, even while he laughs and smiles. Additionally, the runic inscription on the blade of the spear is actually burned into his skin along the length of his right arm, in a charcoal-black tattoo.

    Weapon form: Spear

    Human Partner: Alexis "AJ" Johnson

    Bio: Alexander's first wielder was a just woman whose name he has long since forgotten, much to his deep sorrow. A woman who fought for righteousness, slew villains and protected innocents. This was what he wished to be: a tool against villainy. He was cherished, and well taken care of. Alexander was content in doing what was right.

    She was killed by a villainous man during a war, and this villainous man, a King Rodric, would wield Alexander in his many wars of conquest and bloodshed. To his son, Theodric, Alexander was given upon his succession, and to Theodric's daughter's son Hadric, and so on, and so forth. All of these men were cruel, ruling an empire with an iron fist and slaying those who would question and defy them.

    And all of these men were slain on the battlefield.

    Alexander was known as a cursed weapon and, after several generations, was tucked onto a mantle as a show-piece, a display of power and divine permission to rule.

    Eventually, Alexander was released from being a bloodline weapon of slaughter and mayhem, and locked away by the Gods.
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  13. Alyss is in human form and wandering about the Prospect Park area by the Brooklyn Museum: (The train stop is on the other side of the street there)

  14. Somewhere in the city, there's a big man walking around with a big hammer!
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  20. We're running because only the most suicidal and survival inept would run up to an enormous monster-beast without being backed into a corner and challenge it to a card battle? ;p