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Is being Different a good thing?

  1. Well that depends how different..?

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  2. Yes , All people come in their own ways, it is good.

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  1. Angel
    Age; 16
    Fucking Adorable 7.PNG

    When were Born. Were all a bit Different.
    People say this is normal, To embrace it. I did, Was i wrong to though? So many people are hurt everyday.., I embraced who i am. I embraced what i do. Father Frodo, he said i am doing the lord's will. That i am Creation, that i do what is right by staying as I am. Though i know deep down, the words of the priest's are wrong.

    Ive Lived among them For many years. they saved me from the sin of my mother, a wench on the street's of great France. She did it to feed me, at least that is what i heard. Is she really a sinner for that. I ask myself alot of question everyday, I am often alone. Father Frodo, my keeper, my master, my savior, he said if the sun touched my skin, i would become ill, he said I am an angel or sort in human form. That i must stay inside the church, that i must never leave.

    Thus is where my name Comes in. I am Angel, although In french they say it as ange. Everyday I stay, everyday I pray. Always , Almost always alone to think. My thoughts I know are dangerous, I hurt the Sinner;s all day, try to show them the light, father told me That is what angel;s do after all, they show the sinner;s the correct way. Once again I doubt he is right, but doubt gets you put inside the cages, inside the chain. I want to avoid such a fate. though I doubt with my abilities.., they would dare put me in chains..., My hair is white, my eyes are Pink like roses. my Skin is like white silk, and cannot be exposed to the sun. Does this really make me an angel, are their others Like me? one thing i can do, that no other can, is if i Concentrate hard enough. I can move things with my mind, the lords devine gift, many have told me, Im not sure what it is, the more i think alone, the more i think how wrong they are.
  2. Name: Deminia Nightshade
    Age: 16
    Pic (open)

    Deminia laughed as people jumped away from her in the alleys of town. She giggled. "Such pathetic people!"she laughed. One girl didn't see her. She giggled as fangs shot out from her smile and snapped her fingers. She dropped dead to the ground. She laughed. "Oh her face!"she laughed then stepped over her and kept walking.

    She was known as "Devil's Daughter" for her special gift of killing people with just snapping her fingers. Her most famous story was when she killed her parents for not getting her the doll she wanted. Now she gets almost anything if she just says she wants it. The only people who won't give her anything is the church. She growled as she constantly passed by the chuch. This night the priest was out. "So, 'Father', will you finally let me in?"she asked with a chuckle. She looked at him.

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  3. Angel Watched her from the window of the Church. Angel's Pink eyes briefly caught the light of the sun. Angel Continued Look down, Wondering why this girl seemed to wish to disturbed the peace. Deep down she envied her. If she could leave, she would not Mind being bad, she would not what people thought of her. Another sigh left her. This was her playground she was told. Was it really, it felt more Like a Spacey Holy prison at times, Yes the Devil's child, She was Envious of this evil, Sinning creature.

    The priest did not speak to her as they Went up the steps of the Church, They sang their silent Prayers. The Priest had Little fear of her, They belived in god and as such they though themselves somewhat Safe from her power. They were wrong and Unrealistic as always. Angel Knew their would be two Public hangings today, then two sessions she had to attend to herself. Lashes for the Sin of adultery. She also had Little Interest in adultery. she wanted to Understand people. Those so much different then her. Did this girl.., did she have a friend? Her pink eyes Looked down Upon Deminia Like that of a crossed demon. She stared down at her , their eyes Locking. her Mouth twisted one into horrid amusement, She was mocking her now. then As quickly as she was thier with a toss of a cloak and a tumble of white hair she was gone from the window.
  4. Deminia looked up at the girl and grinned evilly. She laughed as she watched the girl walk away. She went on her own way as well, her hair falling into her face. That day she would be getting in no matter what. "Now let's see... Scheduale... Oh wait! I have nothing to do!"she laughed. "Time to hit up the tavern!"she laughed to herself as she walked into the closest tavern. The young girls already knew what to do and started coming up to her and flirting with her like usual. If one was lucky she would spare them and do what they wanted for one night. None were catching her eyes. She sighed as she drank herself drunk on vodka and rum. She laughed as she looked at the time. "Oh look at the time! Time to crash the church!"she laughed as she strutted out. She saw that people were walking in for the public hangings and she wanted to go. She grinned evilly as she walked in.

    "The master of partying, has arrived!"she exclaimed and smiled.
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  5. Angel Sat down in an Old wooden Chair. a Small old hand mirror before her. A set of hand wooden Drawers. Frodo was beind her, a whale Comb bristle brush in his hand as he Combs her Long her out for her. Making sure every strand was perfectly in place before he began to Weave Periwinkles into her soft braids. "Thank you father." her voice was soft, but held the Distance she used with everyone. She sighs as he she looks into the mirror. An Angel huh. how was she any different from that other Girl. She Killed the one;s Named Sinner's, and she Killed them quickly or with agony, but when she did, they saw it as the lords devine Punishments.

    She stood and Held her arms out as Robes were lid around her, She was to be at the hangings but from a fair Distance of course. She was always above everyone, Often on the Sky walks. Watching from Above, always out of reach.
  6. She looked around. "Looks like little miss perfect isn't out yet! Good! If she was she would bore everyone o death with the Bible,"she said and smirked. She sat down in a chair and smirked. She turned her wrkst and all the crosses in the room, even the ones that were in the stain-glass windows turned upside-down. She smiled.
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  7. Angel Soon enters, the singing began. Those Condemned to death by the Church for reasons such as.
    "Adultery.." she announced her Voice crisp And clean as she announced their sin From her safe place on the sky walk. The condemned Looked up at her with a begging she never once had ever answered. A Middle aged man was Dragged to stage.
    "For your Grievous Crimes Upon god, you Shall be hanged, till you be Claimed Dead." She announced. Her voice was as Cold as the White Marble that made the beautiful Statues outside and Inside the Church. She had her hands Folded in a prayer fashion. her hair swept over her shoulder White Cascades of hair Flooding all around her. Her hair was kept long due to another strange belief in the Church.
    Four more were soon marched to the stage after the man was dead.

    "Wrath." as she announced the Last sin, her eyes feel Upon the Devils Child. Wrath indeed, Were they really so different. Both of them were very angry for the hand that had been dealt to them.
    The people Shudder in horror when she turns the crosses upside down.
    Finally Angel decides to test her, She had argued with the girl many times. Though their is One thing she did , that all found very strange. She adressed the Devil Child by her name.
    "Deminia..In the House of God, During the Hours of Death and Devine Judgement.., Its proper to behave." She scolds gently. Her voice held Somthing playful about it that Only Deminia Would catch.
    Angel would not admit it but her interests in that girl continued to grow, as she grew older.
  8. Deminia giggled as she stood up, a small mist of black forming around her feet. She went up to Angel and grabbed thee collar of her dress, a crazed smile on her face. "Little miss perfect, you're forgetting yourself! How about you! You are all the sins in one! Sloth is since you never leave the church, Greed for how much you have, Wrath for the people you kill, Envy for how you feel towards me since I can do what please and you can't and don't think I can't see it in you eyes, Pride for how you are proud to be God's special little girl, Gluttony for always getting what you want while you are raised in a church, and finally, Lust. You know you love adultery. Don't lie. I see it in your eyes!"she said and laughed. "Why don't you learn if there really is a heaven or hell?"she asked as she pulled out a dagger and pinned her to a wall.
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  9. The preist's and guards of Course Rushed to her when They saw That Deminia Was going after Angel. Angel Held up a hand to stop the,. "Let he be!" She annouced quickly. her white hair shifting with her New movement. "I have never once Forgotten myself Deminia." she answers. Her voice always so clam, always so sweet. She had to be an angel in front of these people. Did she have another Side. Sometimes it was hard for her to tell who she was, or what she was. She Smiled, this girl brought his light into her world once in a while. Deminia Entertained Angel very much. The last one made her chuckle. "Come Now Deminia that is a bit far fetched,I have No Insterests In adultery as you do, The stabbing of the pink Knife makes the Inners Bleed, then from the Blood a sin is formed, you seem to enjoy the false sense of Love you get from the Pink knife.

    .I heard you Pick up many..but none of them please you.., You want a friend Deminia." She very slowly reaches out and moves Deminia hair out of her face and behind her Shoulder's. Everyone gasps. "Come Deminia, We need to talk elsewhere..,I wish to speak with you alone..and I wish to comb that awfully matted hair." She giggled. "Come along." with a turn of her Long white hair that would be dragging on the floor if not for pin tailed behind her as she walked. She had never ever once done this before, Normally their conversation consisted of Crude arguments. Angel was lonely, angel wanted a friend.
  10. She looked at her. "What the hell?"she muttered. She put the dagger back and reluctantly followed her. She smirked and turned around. She waved her hands and the light from the candles turned into black flames. She laughed as people screamed her nickname and then followed Angel. "Why the hell do you want to see me alone, Miss Perfect?"she asked. She was obviously somewhat the child of Satan from what she could do. Yet she usually used her powers for her amusement.

    "So you hear about me time at the taverns? Odd. I didn't think church talked about that,"she said and followed her. "The angel that fell from heaven want to talk to the Devil's child. Somebody write this in a book! This is amazing! I don't understand why you want to talk to me or why you think I want a friend! I can have any girl I want and nobody would care!"she exclaimed and looked at her.
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  11. "Please Do not use the word In here." She corrects quickly. "You are in god house, Be respectful of that fact." She giggles some when the other tries to continously argue with her the whole way up to her Safe Haven. Angel Lived in the tops of the Church in the empty rooms and Worship rooms that had long ago been abandoned due to their age. She Smiled. "I told you Deminia, I wish to comb your hair, its very mattered, im sure it would look much better out of your face..I can braid it for you." She smiled as he walked on. "yes..., I Watch you and the men Vanished behind Closed door, from the windows." her voice became a little sad " I can see all from the the top of the church..." It soon was becoming Clear that she could not leave,

    "They do not, there are alot of things Father frodo Does not care to discuss So is stopped asking years ago." She seemed to stop suddenly. her Pink eyes turning a deep red. "Deminia!" She shouts her voice bellows Echoing off the marble and stone walls of the cathedral. "Enough of this Come along , I wish to speak with you, You can Indeed have any girl! You have proved that, but do they really wish for you partner ship as a friend or do you force it upon them. Now Let me Comb your hair and sit down!" she Pounts. She was Alot like a child throwing a fit. It was quite out of Chracter but now that they were far from the Humans she opened up a bit mire. "Sit down ," She said Pulling out a chair, She soon picked up her brush.
  12. "Brushing my hair? Thinking I would look nice? Gawd I thought you knew me, Angel! I never want to look nice!"she said. She crossed her arms. She sat down in the chair. "Cut the crap. Why the hell do actually want to be around me?"she asked and looked at her.

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  13. "Well I Just want to brush it!" She pouts Stomping her foot a little. She Smiled gently when the other was so Crude. It was Refreshing. People Feared angel in truth as such none ever were as brute and Familiar with her as Deminia. "Does there really need to be a reason. She soon was Brushing the stands of that silky black hair.
  14. "Of course there needs to be a reason! Look at you! You a freaking saint! It's unnatural for you not to tell me,"she said. She glared at Angel and with such speed and grace, she took the brush from Angels' grasp. "Don't. Brush. My. Hair,"she growled then threw the brush to the ground, her messy bangs falling into her eyes. She growled. "Never do that again. Never ever brush my hair. It's better like this,"she said.
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  15. Her voice became soft. "Remember when you Would jump up to me window and tease me when i was Small..It would get so mad, but in truth I looked forward to your relentless teasing everyday..People in here, their not nice, They dont treatment like person..they treat me like..An angel." her voice was soft. "I Have a chellege for you!" She hissed the Bush stopping Mid air before it fell. "I want you to try and be my friend for a weak., I girl as fancy as you could at least do that..or perhaps your scared of me just like everyone else..." she Dared. She knew how to get what she wanted. Daminia did not Like being told to do, but she did like dares it seemed.
  16. She looked at her and smirked. "Be you're friend or admit that I supposedly have a fear of you... Hmm... this is easy! Fine I'll do it for a week and to let you know, I'm the greastest of friends,"she said and smirkd. She looked at the brush that was in the air and snapped her fingers. "Everything must die though. You know it,"she said as the brush's handle snapped into shards. "It must be great being pampered!"she said as she walked over to the window.
  17. Splendid." she grinned. her face became beet red with rage when that brush snapped. "Daminia!!!! My brush!" She screams. Angel could be a big brat. She Hisses as She Kneels and slowly picks up the shards. "This was a whale Bone brush from Barbados!!!!" She was pissed. "What's Your Problem why did you destroy me stuff, i though you said we were the best of friends." She stomps her feet. "Sit down!" He screams her voice extremely high pitched when she was upset. She Soon follows her over to the window. "I am no Pampered, I am Dressed up like some Doll so that the Humans can look at me and use me for their evil deeds..Im like you, ive Killed so many people , all in the name of god." She was still on the floor her hands shaking.
  18. She laughed and looked at her. "You have pretty clothes, expensive brushes, and people who take care of you! Wanna know what I have! I have nothing! I don't kill in the name of your God! I kill because people annoy me! I may say I'm someones friend but I will never act like it!"she exclaimed. She glared at her. "Ever since we were kids you acted like you were a damn princess! I was always known as the bad girl!"
  19. her eyes suddenly filled with Shock. "Daminia..I.." She seemed to look pained now as she backed up. "..I do..So, why do it." She grinned as She tugged Daminia over to her chair. "How about I share your friend Challege as my friend now sit and accept it, unless." she smacked her lips. "Maybe your scared.." She teased.
    "Well..Why dont i make you a princess for a day, Sit here please." She giggled as she ran off to go get another brush and lots more of stuff. "Its gonna be fun i promise." She soon had somthing black in her arms. Silk like she wore but black, she was not supposed to have this dress but she thought it would Look good on Daminia. Black was sorta of her color. Angel was Only ever Allowed to wear white.
  20. She sat down and looked at her. "How the hell will you make me a princess?"she asked. She looked at the stuff Angell was getting. "I don't understand how this will be fun. It's just brushing my hair, putting makeup on me, and dressing me up in a black dress,"she said. She looked at the dress then at her own ripped and shredded one. "I guess a new dress would be nice,"she said. She sighed. "Fine. Make my look pretty I guess,"she muttered.
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