Born of History and Science

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  1. Based off of the manga Houkago no Charisma/Afterschool Charisma.

    Seventeen years ago, the famous Dr. Alexander Tiberius Whittaker designed and tested the technology to take DNA from long dead men and women and clone them, creating the first human clones. The first subjects were great figures in history, from Edgar Allan Poe to John F. Kennedy to Marie Antoinette to Queen Elizabeth. In order to observe the growth and development of the clones, they were raised in a large building in the northern Appalachian Mountains, where they were brought up much in the way normal children were, if they went to a boarding school.

    Now, they are each seventeen years old, and are dealing withtheir studies, each other, and their originals. They bear their name and their appearance, but do their minds completely match up?


    1. All characters unless discussed with me beforehand are seventeen years old.
    2. Cursing is fine.
    3. Romance is fine, but keep it 'chaste'.
    4. You may play more than one character.
    6. Characters may be any prominent historical figure from the seventies back that has been dead for twenty or more years.
    7. No magic, vampires, etc. Just history blended with science fiction.

    I have done this as an rp before, so if you did this with me, you can use your original character.
  2. I'll join this as Edison.

    Let's see how his experience with Tesla works out. :D