Boredom With Pictures!

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  1. I have two pictures that I am just dying to use but don't really have a clear plot going.

    Here is the first:


    I was thinking Harper for her name and is in her earky twenties?


    Ashlyn, but her friends call her Ash, and is a teenager between 16-18.

    I want to play the female characters.

    I was thinking of using one in a love triangle between two guys...maybe she meets a guy at a party and starts up a thing and then his brother/friend comes along and falls for her and things get complicated.

    Another I was thinking catches the eye of the "bad boy" and gets sucked into a dark work or is already into drugs and what not and catches the eye of the big time drug seller but she spurns him and that just makes herself even more desirable to him...

    If anyone is interested and has ideas or is willing to brain storm over my small ideas and make real plots out of them just shot me a message!
  2. Come on someone must be interested? I will make cookies!