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    ---------On Errotria---------------


    It was an average day in Errotria. As usual, the mountains in the west prevented the chilly sea air blowing inland, so the rays of the large, orange star were able to bathe the idyllic meadow with a serene golden light. The long wild-grasses swayed lazily in the warm breeze, sending a haze of technicolour pollens and petals across the sky. Four-meter tall tortoises were dotted haphazardly around the field, their shells a bleached white to counter the sun's heat. On the horizon, one could easily make out the silhouette of the great citadel, Emphyros. That was not the most interesting thing, though, for in a stone henge formation to the south of the plains stood a single woman clad in the distinctive red and white of a Shrine Maiden. All around her, a maelstrom of silver, ghostly flame spun, regularly spluttering and spitting like a cauldron left on the boil. Every so often, the entire maelstrom would pulse several times, then swap its direction of rotation so it swirled the other way. This would be accompanied by a low magnitude earthquake, and even a little bit of fracturing to the blocks of the monument. After a short while, the woman, who had previously been seated, stood up and moved to the side to lean against one of the pillars.

    -----------Meanwhile, on Earth--------------

    It was raining in the city. Not a monsoon, but a mild drizzle - a British kind of rain. The kind of rain that's almost saying "Terribly sorry about this. I'll be gone before you know it. Oh, pardon me. I really hope I'm not causing you any inconvenience." It was, however, not gone before they knew it, and frankly, it was beginning to get on their nerves. Their friend had called them out here to see... something, but since their friend was nowhere to be seen, they were a little miffed. Just as they were about to call it quits and head home, the friend's head emerged from the emergency exit of a building that had been sectioned off from the public by one of those giant scaffolding frames covered in adverts that makes it impossible to see the building itself.

    The group headed through the door, following the clear protagonist through the winding alleyways of the temporarily closed community center, and into its garden area. The city here was so over-developed that such a place was completely hidden from the street behind a wall of office buildings, and the only way you could possibly know it was there was if you happened to see it on Google Earth. The fascinating thing about this courtyard though was not the unnerving sense of nostalgia it induced in the writer as she was writing it, but the peculiar... thing... within it. In the center of the garden lay a large ball of silver stuff that moved rather like a shoal of sedated fish - very slowly around a central point, with half the silver stuff going in one direction and half going in the other.

    The trio gathered around the blob as they tried to figure out what it was, but leapt back in surprise when the protagonist seemingly tripped while standing completely still and toppled head first into the silvery stuff. Much to the remaining pair's surprise, a flash of dazzling white light temporarily stunned them, and when they regained their vision, the protagonist was nowhere to be seen. Before they could discern what exactly had happened, the sound of a door being bolted shut echoed dully in the pavilion, but was splintered and absorbed very quickly, with relatively little reverberation. They pondered for a decent length of time, before deciding their only option was to touch the silvery stuff, since that was what their friend had done last, and see what happened.

    ----------Whilemean, back on Errotria----------------

    The Shrine Maiden, her six-eyed fox mask now back on the side of her head instead of covering her face as it had been previously, sauntered casually over to the three people who stood somewhat defensively in the center of the Stonehenge. She made a grandiose gesture, then extended her hand toward the protagonist's band. "Welcome," she said, her voice oddly young and almost naive. "to the world of Errotria!"
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    When Renko had called him and told him about a portal, Arata had expected a whole lot of things, and came well-prepared for whatever may have befall them at the end of that portal. There was no doubt in his mind that the blue-haired girl was telling the truth. After all, for all of her insignificant physical abilty, her brain was razor-sharp, always staying ahead of his own despite his efforts. He didn’t, however, expect that she would be late to her own meeting.

    Thus, while it drizzled down, Arata adjusted his beanie, adjusted the straps of his large backpack, and avoided speaking to Mikio as much as possible. For this particular excursion, he operated under the assumption that something would have gone wrong, and carried a first aid kit, a coil of nylon rope, emergency rations, a handcrank flashlight, a retractable fishing rod, binoculars, his favorite Swiss Army Knife, bear spray, a stick of magnesium, and various other amenities. A collapsible baton bounced against his leg, inconspicuous enough that no one questioned him when he bussed here. The combined gear was a bit heavy, and there was always the chance that Renko had also come prepared, but…

    Well, it was Renko, the same Renko that hated practically everything related to the great outdoors. And Mikio? That lazy kid seemed to think they were going to a shopping mall or something, with the way he was dressed.

    Nevertheless, his friend popped her head out from somewhere eventually, and with that, Arata’s adventure could properly continue. Though she led the way, the blond-haired youth kept up beside her, eyes sharp, piercing through the veil of soft rain. There was a certain tension to his step, and his hands remained clench. After all, regardless of his personal training and his efforts, if this portal was real, it would be something that he’d have never prepared for before.

    Within the garden of a community center, Arata’s faith was rewarded.

    For a moment, he simply stood there, awe-struck.

    Then, he realized just how fucking AWESOME this was, and the most idiotic grin surfaced on his face. That ball of silver essence, floating in space…it certainly was something that didn't make any scientific sense. “Well, looks like a ball,” he said, turning to Renko, “And you’re saying this is also a p-”

    As if a demonstration of her complete and utter inadequacy in regards to balance and reaction speed, Renko tripped on nothing, before falling into the silver blob. A radiant flash, and moments later, she was gone.


    Arata sighed, scratched the back of his head, and ultimately, shrugged, trying to hide his own excitement.

    “This is why you come prepared, Mikio.”

    With that, he readjusted his beanie and strode into the light, confident and self-assured.

    A sunny day.

    Arata didn’t like sunny days. Blinking in the sunlight, the flaxen-haired boy narrowed his eyes for a moment, instinctively reaching for the inner pocket of his windbreaker, before deciding against it. It wasn’t that hot, and the occasional breeze was pleasant. There was no need for sunglasses, nor were the temperatures stifling enough that he couldn’t endure wearing three layers of clothing.

    There were many things to take in, from the expressions on Renko’s face to the stone structures that were much too similar to a certain famous monument on Earth, but what demanded his attention was the young woman that stood before them.

    Blonde hair, red eyes, and a fox mask. Her eyes drooped downwards, like a traditional Japanese beauty, but there was no elegance or grace in her motions. Her voice too, was spirited and explosive, juxtaposed with the image of a miko that she was trying to convey.

    At the very least, she could speak a language that he understood, and she didn’t seem to be pulling off anything too strange, other than the fact that she spoke of a world called Errotria.

    No need to be aggressive then.

    “Let’s keep it simple,” Arata said, raising up three fingers, “Who are you, what is Errotria, and how exactly did we get here?”
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    Crap! Crapcrapcrapcrap!

    Renko Tadeshi, a young girl who was sixteen years old and had a bright future (thanks to her academics), was currently sprinting towards the meeting area of her and her two best friends. Renko wasn't a girl who ran. Heck, she complained when she walked. So the fact that she was bolting down sidewalks, dodging and weaving her way around other citizens, said a lot about how much she didn't like to keep her friends waiting on her. It tugged at her heartstrings at the fact that they were probably wondering where she was, and getting ready to head back home. No doubt a little ticked off at having to stand in the drizzling rain while waiting on the person who had set up the meeting in the first place. With that thought in mind, she kicked it up a notch and ran faster.

    By the time that she actually made it to her destination, she had to stopped in order to catch her breath, wheezing in such a manner that passerbys shot her worried glances. Still having a bit of a way to go, she took her time as she inhaled and exhaled deeply, thinking up different excuses of her flushed cheeks if she were asked about them. She could blame it on the nippy weather that accompanied the drizzle. That seemed logical enough to not be questioned, right? Settling on that white lie, the blue-haired girl poked her head out from the emergency exit, eyes gleaming as they settled on her two best friends—Arata and Mikio.

    "Arata! Miki-chan!" She exclaimed as she stood in front of them, arms thrown in the air as a gesture of greeting and excitement. A bright smile graced her features as she let arms settle back at her sides. "Sorry about the delay, by the way. Got a bit caught up in other things. But we're all here now! So let's go investigate this portal," she suggested in an eager voice. It was obvious how excited she was to see what this portal would bring them. It throbbed in very being, causing her to shake like a leaf in the wind and bounce on the balls of her feet. She had a strange love for things unexplainable, or the paranormal, but she wouldn't call it an obsession. It's not like she went around thinking up theories and trying to shove it down others' throats. She just liked... to explore things that didn't have any reasoning behind it.

    Still thrumming with almost uncontainable excitement, Renko led the way to where she had discovered the portal before, hoping and praying that it was still there. The last thing that she wanted was for her friends to think that she suddenly going insane by making up stories about portals being in reality. She hummed softly to herself as she continued to walk down the route that she memorized for this specific reason. It didn't take long for them to reach the garden that she had occupied earlier, and she sighed in relief at the sight that greeted her.

    The portal was still there. In all of its silvery glory.

    While Mikio and Arata admired the floating ball of silvery stuff, Renko stepped a bit closer to get a better look at it, eyes squinted in analyzing. She barely registering Arata's words as he spoke; Mikio was still quite silent. She didn't blame him. She was lost for words when she first saw it, too. Before Arata could finish his pending question, Renko was falling through the portal, limbs flailing around as she tried to figure out exactly how she even tripped. Is this my punishment for being a lazy kid? Is this the universe's way of telling me I should start exercising, so I'm not as clumsy? She thought with a slight frown, but those thoughts flew out of her mind as she made impact with the ground. Hard impact. Groaning and screwing her eyes shut from the pain, the teen rolled around a bit before climbing to her feet, rubbing at her chin. Soon, both Arata and Mikio appeared, but, by that time, Renko was already gaping at the stones that were around them, which reminded her of one of those famous attractions on Earth.

    Her attention was drawn from the large stones to be captured by a lady who looked fairly young, and sounded that way, too. Blinking owlishly, her gaze raked over the stranger, taking in her features and her traditional choice of clothing. Renko had to admit that it was beautiful and she had to tear her eyes away from the garment. Shaking her head, she focused once more on the situation at hand: they had no clue where they were, or how they could get back to their world. Even if the lady did say the name of this new place, that wasn't much explanation to go off on. She had to agree with Arata as he began to grill her for information, nodding silently beside him. Until he asked his third question, that is. Suddenly stopping her nodding, Renko locked her gaze on her best friend, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

    "We got here through the portal...?" She stated, but it came out as a question. "I thought that much was obvious. Unless you're trying to search for a more in depth answer than just 'Oh, that portal sent you here'. If that's the case, then I'm pretty curious to hear about that as well," she confessed, glancing once more at the blonde lady before them. She seemed like she knew a whole lot about this 'Errotria'. Maybe she could even help them get back home!​
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    Chapter I of Akihiko's Saga, The massacre of our honor​
    Flash back, 4 years ago ~
    A red wood temple stood on the precipice of flaming defeat by a clan of ronin samurai dressed in white hakamas and blue kimonos, these individuals, Kabukimono. The black smoke that emitted from the flames overlapped the building slowly forming a solid circumference of ash around every tile, brick, stone, and lantern yet was undetectable in the night sky. Women and men alike screamed for mercy but were quickly silenced by the blades of the Kabukimono ronin, with swift shuffles of the feet they all rampaged through every room, tore, pillaged, and destroyed every piece of possession they had. Eventually they all regrouped and stood outside of the last room they needed to pillage, a dim light shined through the thin paper-like sliding door to notify that there were people inside. As one samurai violently threw the door aside to open it the others rushed in from behind him with raised swords, at first they killed the two guards then they turned their attention on a little girl that they were protecting. They all stood over her with heavy breath and smiles but then like a dagger of hope a sword pierced the leader through the heart, a sleek steel like no other that reflected the scared faces of the other ronin that followed the dead leader. The sword disappeared swiftly as the others blinked, the leader began to fall and a man could be seen behind the second ronin with his back turned but right before the others could warn him a slight glare emitted from the person's chest killing him. The third ronin screamed to run but then was swiftly silenced by the sword that killed his comrades, the last ronin was already out of the room running towards the exit but like a brick wall he was pushed back and fell as he ran into the guy that killed the others. A tall man stood in front of the ronin blocking the exit with the shining sword to perform righteous judgement, the moon's light cased a shadow that overlapped the last ronin's body and right before the blade struck him down he saw a glimpse of the fearless blue eyes that stared into his soul.

    ''Progress report..''
    A deep voice echoed through the bloody halls as so a clicking noise that would come from his shoes whilst he walked back into the room with the little girl.

    ''Area cleared, peace restored.''
    A young girl said, her voice echoing as well but more as if she was in a far away place.


    The gray hakama brushed against his leg with every step, the white yet leafy green trimmed kimono jacket flew back as the breeze pushed it. As he reached the little girl he stood looking down at her with sigh of annoyance after noticing her crying he grabbed her forcefully yet gentle and threw her over his shoulder.

    ''Perhaps you should be more careful...''
    The girl echoed in his ear.

    ''Shes fine... she can't even hear you.... Emi''
    With closed eyes the man walked out of the temple and into the moonlight darkness.

    The present... the day of sunny morning and decent weather. The guy of the blue eyes, Aki-san, and his trusty companion, Emi-chan, a white cat with transformation powers that is a bit more gentle then her master. It was tradition, every morning Aki-san and Emi-chan would go out and mediate somewhere peaceful, it was a nice way to clear the mind before doing daily activities, quoted Emi-chan. Today was quiet like everyday but what made today special was the fact that it was Emi's birthday. Emi, with always perked ears and a smile she was especially hyper today and would jump around in joy obviously waking up Aki-san. As he raised his head something caught his eye, a magical power he had seen before ... or thought he had seen, this whole experience scrabbled his mind giving him curiosity and questions.

    ''What is that?''
    He questioned over at Emi.

    ''Not sure, we should go see.''
    Emi replied just before jumping on Aki-sans back.

    As they walked together over at said location near the stones and rocks Aki nearly lost his balance from a low-key earthquake.

    ''What the...?''
    He questioned himself in thought.

    Without questioning any further the two continued to walk forward, however, right before they reached their destination a arrow flew past Aki-sans head that grazed his cheek. The way it was shot gave off the expression that he was amateur at best which caused the arrow to twist and turn in odd directions that eventually struck against a rock near the stonehenge although not emitting enough sound frequency to alert anyone in the area. Aki-san turned his head towards the guy whom shot the arrow, a farmer in dirty cloth robes standing about 5'8, 20ish in age. The duo had many enemies in Errotria, however, because of the stack of good deeds the two had done in the past they also gathered the attention of great allies.

    ''We shouldn't alert whoever is over near stonehenge, It could stir up problems.''
    Aki thought to himself right before he dashed towards the archer, using his trademark speed to swiftly knock out the opponent with a simple chop to the neck nerves. With a quick grab of the shirt before the archer fell Aki dragged his unconscious body over to his house near the closest city.
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    “Well, my Ceno? I did the job, now where’s my pay?” Ophelia Mayweather said to a woman sitting behind a wooden desk, looking down at some papers scattered around on top of it.

    “In a minute, I have to calculate how much you should get after this kind of job,” the woman replied back as finished up with the calculations to see how much the small, cute girl in front of her would get pain. It was hard for her to see this girl as a dangerous weapon, but after the many jobs the girl had taken, she apparently was. The girl was becoming quite known in the mercenary community; the Angelmaker, a scythe that didn’t care what the job was, as long as she got money for it. Although, personally, for a familiar, that wasn’t always the best thing since it only meant that different people wanted to use her as a weapon. Ophelia wanted more than that. She wanted someone to continue to use her regularly, to be her wielder.

    “Alright. Here’s your Ceno.” The girl behind the desk handed the small girl a bag filled with Ceno. The coins moved around in the bag, jingling as Ophelia wrapped her small, pale fingers around the top of the bag and took it away from the other.

    “Thank you,” Ophelia commented then attached the bag to her belt she had on in order to hold the bags of Ceno she job for the mercenary jobs she took. After all, Ophelia was a familiar and in order to make a living, she had to do something, even though she was seen as such a small, little girl.
    With the payment of her last job finished, the familiar left the building. The sun beat down on her soft skin. She reached up her arms into the sky and stretched. She surveyed the area around her, watching other people going about their usual daily business.

    “I’m starving,” Ophelia muttered to herself since she was all alone. Though, sometimes the thought of eating all alone wasn’t her favorite thing to do. At least maybe she could find some cheesecake to eat and that would make it better. She had put down her arms and was already walking down the stone and dirt road to find a place to eat.

    Upon finding a place, Ophelia went inside and took a seat. When the waitress came, Ophelia asked for what she wanted. Once the waitress walked away, the familiar took a quick look at the Ceno she had gotten. It wasn’t as much as she had wanted to get, but it was always based on the job. She might have to try to convince the waitress to bring down the pay of the food. Although, it wasn’t hard for the girl to do that since she was an adorable, cute girl that could trick anyone into doing what she wanted, at least that’s what she believed. Ophelia hid away the bag of money so no one would see it, then looked around the place to watch others eat with their companions. She wondered what it would be like to have someone traveling with you ,but she knew that wouldn’t happen for her. They were all too afraid to stay with her, or they believed it didn’t matter. She was a familiar, and simply a weapon to most. They wouldn’t think that she would have any feelings and would want someone to simply enjoy spending time around her.


  6. "Ah.. Are you lost?"

    A soft, almost cautious voice had rung out while in the park, behind some shrubbery and twigs. Somewhere around the outskirts of it, where more nature was visible. The leaves were bright green, the sky was blue, and the sun was up and at 'em at a beautiful angle - one which didn't blind people while trying to get around places. Now.. An even closer look, and one would easily spot the red-pink roses behind the leaves-- wait, roses? Roses didn't grow here, not at all. So why would there be roses?

    Another closer look, and one would find a rather petite girl, crouching on the ground with a gentle smile on her face. She was holding her hand out with a few seeds in it, staying silent with a rabbit on the other side. It looked as though it were hesitant, having to be staring at her with those beady eyes. Nonetheless, the female continued to smile back with a gentle face, hoping that it would eventually give in and follow her.

    Anyo Ming-Chi, a girl who lives on Errotria. Although, odd thing is that she wasn't born there; no, she was somehow transported there, and made do with living there. After getting used to the abnormal animals and the fact that familiars were a thing, this place actually wasn't bad at all. In fact, the brunette actually preferred Errotria over Earth, which is also why she gave up looking for a way back. Hey, it's not like anyone was going to miss her anyways.

    The brunette patiently awaited the rabbit, eventually watching it hop on over to her timidly. It started to sniff her hand, and soon enough, nibbled on the seeds in her palm. Ah.. It was absolutely adorable, almost reminded her of home.

    Her disgusting, horrible home.

    But hey, her home was in this odd world now, having to have grown accustom to it after a few months. She attended school as per usual, and lived with a darling elder who took her in off of the streets; the old couple oddly resembled her grandparents, which would probably explain why she grew so attached to them in such a short time. All of a sudden, the leaves behind her rustled from the breeze, resulting in the rabbit being scared and hopping away, much to Anyo's dismay. ".. Huh." She sighed, golden eyes gazing off into direction where the rabbit ran to. Somehow, somewhere, something felt amiss, but it was probably just herself overthinking some things. After coming to Errotria, her entire persona had taken a turn for the better, things being so laid back and all. However, that doesn't mean that she was completely at ease yet. The only reason why she got better was because the people taking care of her just happened to resemble the only people she loved, that's it.

    She was still terrible, two-faced Anyo.

    ".. Yes? Is someone there?" She had asked, slowly turning around with a curious or nervous expression on her face. She slowly approached the bushes, planning on checking, in case anyone was spying on her or something crazy like that.
  7. "Three questions? That's a bit greedy... so I'll only answer one of them." The woman began to pace slowly around the henge. "What is Errotria? Errotria is this place that we are in." She smirked when she saw the dissatisfied looks on the trio's faces. "You come from an alternate world. The parallel planet in that world was called Earth. So, you may think of Errotria as the Earth of this world. Errotria is not so different from Earth, however, Errotria developed while immersed in magic. Earth on the other hand, and as you are probably aware, does not have magic." As if to demonstrate this, the woman conjured a small ring of gold. The innards of this ring were filled with a swirly blue liquid. She reached her hand through, which seemingly disappeared, before a second ring appeared behind the boy named Arata, and an arm reached out and tapped him on the shoulder. "But anyway, we shouldn't dawdle any longer. I have a very important job for you three, so if you'll care to follow me... oh and, if you do this job, I can help you get back home. If you hadn't noticed, the shiny silver portal thing has disappeared." With that, the woman conjured a much larger ring that was otherwise identical, and stepped through it.
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    Mikio was confused when he got the phone call from Renko, something about a portal, and that she wanted him there. From the sound of her voice, she sounded serious, and knew she wasn't lying because he can always tell from the sound of her voice. He was laying on his bed reading comic books when he called, and decided to shove some books in his bag and left out the back door towards the sidewalk.

    When he finally got there, he was confused because he could only see Arata, so when he got over, he stood a couple feet, not really saying anything to Arata. He wondered where Renko was since she was the one who called him, and probably the same person who called Arata, so for her not to be here sounded strange.

    As he stood in place, he looked over at Arata a few times, while tapping his foot. Mikio always thought that Arata hated him, since the two had really different views and were much different, he thought Arata really didn't like him and just never talked to him as much. The three hung out a lot, but it was a lot of the time just talking to Renko, and not each other. Fixing his hair from the rain, he fixed it up since he didn't have much time, but probably could have seeing that she was late.

    All of a sudden he heard both Arata and Mikio being called from somewhere, he quickly turned his head to see Renko running over, clearly out of breath. As Renko took a breath, Mikio took the opportunity to say something. "So what's up? You said something about some portal?" Mikio really hoped she was being serious and not somehow found a way to lie without Mikio figuring it out, since he loved sci-fi, he hoped they would discover some cool alternate universe.

    Mikio followed Renko blindly, with a smile on his face hoping this 'portal' would be still there, sliding his hands in his pockets, he followed her pace. Suddenly his best friend stopped, almost walking into her since he wasn't watching where he was going, because he was day dreaming about what this portal might be. Mikio walked next to Arata and Renko when they got there, seeing the bright silver reflect on the portal.

    He was all lost in words when he saw the portal, in the back of his mind, he was thinking that somehow the portal had left, but was still there, and Mikio was still shocked. He feared to get too close to the portal, fearing that something bad would happen. Mikio looked at the portal, he wasn't expecting a portal to look like that, he kind of expected some weird looking oval portals like the ones in the portal games. Mikio still stood far away from the portal, admiring and questioning the portal both at the same time. He saw that Renko was getting closer to the portal, but before he could finish her name, she tripped on nothing going through the portal. "Renko!" Mikio yelled looking over at the portal then to Arata. Mikio then heard something from Arata, but was too in shock to even process the words, but what caught him was when Arata shrugged and walked straight into the portal. "Wai-! Dammit how do i keep getting myself into these situations!" Mikio closed his eyes and walked through the portal.

    When Mikio arrived, his eyes were still pushed closed, the same look he made just before he walked through. When Mikio realized he was alive, he opened his eyes to see his two friends, and a woman, but what really caught his eyes was the scenery. It was warm and not raining, so he instantly knew he wasn't on earth, then his attention was brought to the long grass, then finally at the large stones standing on the grass, with a woman in front.

    "Welcome, to the world of Errotria!"

    Mikio was just as confused as always, he looked around seeing that it was different from earth, but also had similarities to Earth, like the grass and the stones that looked like the monument on planet earth. He listened to Arata and Renko, then turned to the woman with the mask. "Yeah i would like to know about the place i was just sucked up into it, that would be great." Mikio looked at the woman, where she explained what had happened.

    "So let me get this straight, this planet has magic!?" Mikio was in awe, he wondered if he should be running or asking more questions, but was too excited to do any. "So the only way we can get back home is to help you? Can i at least call my mom to tell her I'll be late for dinner? She'll be pissed if i don't say anything."
  9. [​IMG]
    The gears in Renko's mind was turning faster than they ever did before in order to make sense of everything that she was just told. Errotria was an alternate planet? It had magic?! Mikio wanted to call his mom?! Okay, the last part was only because of the randomness it radiated, but it still caused the blue-haired female to be confused. Unfortunately, she didn't have enough time to mull over everything she learned for the woman had summoned another portal and had disappeared. Scrambling to her feet, she dusted off her clothes and made her way towards the portal before coming to a sudden halt. Turning on her heels, she faced her two best friends and motioned for them to follow along.

    "Let's check it out! Plus, it's our only way back home apparently," she suggested with a bright smile before continuing on her way. Much like the strange lady-who-they-still-didn't-know-the-name-of, she also disappeared into the ring, gasping loudly when she discovered what was on the other side of it. "Arata and Miki-chan will be in so much awe when they see this~"
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