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  1. So, as I seem to be stuck in a perpetual state of boredom, I decided I was going to start using Iwaku's blog feature to write a story. The idea would be that I write the first part, introduce the characters and the setting, and then I allow other people to suggest things that they'd like to see happen in the next part and if enough people want a certain thing I'll try and write it in. Does this sound like something people might read and think about? Asking because if it doesn't then I probably shouldn't waste my time beginning it.
  2. I've seen similar things done before and they worked well, so I'll say that I would be interested in seeing how it goes.

    Perhaps, instead of doing it as a blog, you should do it in the games or creative writing section? I think the blogs get overlooked a bit and you might get more readers/contributions from people on the main board.
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  3. That's a good idea. It hadn't occured to me to do that. Thanks.
  4. The WAM would welcome such a project, I think! @Fijoli , that fits the category right?
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  5. This could be alot of things depending on how you would have it working in a thread. It would make a good thread in the board games forum. and the finished product would wind up in the WAM

    You could set it up like a game, people would suggest what they want to see.

    If you wanted to put this in the WAM, you could use the "SEEKING FEEDBACK" prefix, or even try your luck at using the "ART EXERCISE" prefix and also have it be somewhat like a game that progresses based on the things other want to see happen.

    There is actually a couple of different things you can do with this Idea. Just create a thread explaining what you would like members to do, and keep trying until it works for you.

    Hope this helped ^_^
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  6. Thanks all :D