Boredom has taken me captive help

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whats the craziest thing youve done while bored

  1. jump on the road

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  2. walk around in a circle

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  3. kiss a stranger

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  4. stare at the telly

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  5. go on the internet and talk ti strangers lol

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  1. Hello all.

    I'm bored so I wanna know what ye like to do when your at home and are bored maybe give me an idea to no longer be bored.
  2. I talk to folk on the internets, play video games, read or watch a movie. I'm very lazy otherwise.
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  3. I love to be outside, so when I get home and am bored out of my mind I just grab my longboard and start riding.
    Of course music is always an option to cure boredom.
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  4. Lol I have never been this bored and then my internet went down like with but its back thank god
  5. Absolutely nothing for I am NEVER bored.
    ~Is saying this Sarcastically.~
  6. Share your secret then :P
  7. You will have to Beat it out of me!
    ~Holds up both of his Fists.~
  8. Hmm OK
    *kicks in the balls and smiles as he falls.*
    How about now?
  9. Ce Dracu.
    I forgot I can not hit a Woman.
    ~Goes High Pitched as he lays on the Floor.~
    My secret is I always have to find something to do or I lose my Sanity.
    Whether it be walking the Dog or Doing Dishes.
  10. I try to learn something. Genetics is a favorite subject of mine, but you can also learn how to write basic Korean in about half an hour, memorize a few lines of Shakespeare and impress the piss out of people, get really good at solitaire, improve your art skills, or go outside and catch some bugs. :D
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  11. Lol ;3 I like winning but that sounds more boring than looking at the walls.

    That's a really good idea thanks I tend to draw alot when I'm bored but I had nothing to sketch on. :(
  12. Hey how do u put those cute little faces on a post u
  13. Click the Smiling Face thing.
  14. Hmm mine mustn't work :(
  15. I clean >.> or sew

    I'm kinda boring
  16. Lol I barely clean I'm too lazy
  17. god....I am never bored...

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