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  1. Hello! I am looking for a roleplay, And I am just bored. . Anyone want to roleplay with me?

    Slave and Master

    Pm or comment of this thread if you are interested. .
  2. Oh all but mature sounds cool! You have an idea for any of them?
  3. I Have a horror based one. . .

    So it all begins when two people are kidnapped and are taken to a place where they are infected with a disease and they have to complete a series of task in order to get the antidote towards the disease before their time runs out. . It is pretty much based of a movie XD ever heard of the movie Saw that is what it is based out of XP God do I love that movie. . .
  4. Sounds awesome! I've heard of the movie but I have never watched it though...
  5. So are you in? . . And it is a great movie, you should watch it sometime. .
  6. Yup, I'm in. Im not much of a movie person but if I can get my hands on it I will.
    Btw, I love the signature.
  7. Yay! ^-^ screams and pain here we come! Now do you want to rp in pm or in an actual thread so others can join?
  8. Well, if you want others to join then thread if not pm.
  9. Thread it is then ^-^ this will take a minute. . .
  10. Okay, just send me a link.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.