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  1. It's 12:29, pretty much all my roleplays died and I'm bored out of my phsyche.

    I only play male on male romance, sorry. I just have this problem. Anyway here's the list of things I do and a few ideas I've been itching to do:

    So looking for:


    1. (Fantasy/Modern world) I was thinking of someone getting lost in the forest and being aided by a half human/half avian boy, said boy does not speak human common language but seems to understand it perfectly, the only bird parts of him are the wings for arms he has and the feathered tail, along with some feathers sticking out in his hair. He helps this person get out of the woods but they decide to come back and visit him.
    2. An animal dies on the side of the road alone and cold in a stormy night, and someone finds it and just sheds some tears for it (something of the like, suggestion is to bury them but in the rain that's a dangerous thing to do ··· ) so when they come back home and go to sleep, during the night a child appears and it turns out to be the "reincarnation" or said animal. It's pretty much a fantasy thing and more a familiar than a romantic setting.
    3. This one involves music, a musician is always playing an old piano in an abandoned (and falling apart) music hall, someone young who ran away from home (reasons can be decided by whoever takes the kid's role) finds him and begins to live in the music hall and observe him secretly, but one day finds out that the musician always knew of him when he starts to bring food for the boy.
    4. This one is quite sad, two friends who grew up together are separated by each other's work, and one of them finds out that other was in a terrible accident, and he goes to the other side of the world just to see him, finding out a lot about his life thanks to a strange boy who is always besides said man's friend, whom lies in a hospital bed in a coma.
    • -Modern times
    • -Dark
    • -I DON’T DO FANDOM related roleplays, I’m sorry I just don’t.
    • -abusive relationships (I want to be victim!)
    • -self harm
    • -violence
    • -killing
    • -yanderes
    • -suicidal
    • -apocalyptic/post apocalyptic
    • -house hold
    • -abusive family
    • -abuse
    • -the caged bird syndrome
      • Horror
      • Mind play
      • Murderer x suicidal person
      • King/Prince/Noble person/Rich guy x Magician
      • Dragon x Human
      • Android x Human
  2. Pretty please?
  3. I love all of the ideas, I don't know which one to point out. *glares at them for a few more minutes*

    Are you still looking for someone to do the third plot idea with?
  4. Yeah I'm always looking!
    Also no one else has asked so yeah sure

    Lately I'm a bit slow with my replies due to my work and writing blocks but I guess I just need new airs, which is why I made this thread, unfortunately I'm not exactly one to catch people's attention so I usually go ignored... Thanks for seeing this tough.
  5. I'm fine with slow replies mainly because I know I can be the same because of classes and/or just forgetting whether or not I replied to something lol.

    Do you want to do the finer details in pms or here?
  6. Either is fine with me, and the exact same happens here... *shrugs*