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    My mind is empty, I have no ideas, and finding plots that interest me is like finding a needle in a haystack. Shoot an idea at me, and don't take offence if I dismiss it with a wave of my hand.
    I have a resume, you know.
  2. Oh, hey. Let's talk ideas.

    Do you like supernatural things? Or plots containing characters with superhuman abilities? I used to roleplay Pirates of the Caribbean a lot, usually with original characters though..

    I don't know.
  3. If you've ever seen Fullmetal Alchemist, think it'd be fun to do a spinoff of that too.
  4. FMA may work, but it'd need a bit of work to make it interesting, without copying the whole 'gate' thing. We can't be drawing transmutation circles everywhere, it'd be too slow.
    Supernatural might be cool, but superhuman abilities need to have a story behind them. And a good one.
  5. My idea for FMA is distant, to say the least, from the original story.

    But uhm, honestly, I like doing rps over instant messaging - much faster responses, less checking back, refreshing, yada yada. Would you be down to add me on some chat client so we can brainstorm?
  6. I'm actually not part of any IM sites, or anything of that ilk. I've never really had any need for it.
    that aside, it's quarter past one, and my mind is starting to deteriorate. You'd more or less get the same responses at the same speed.
  7. Right on, right on.

    I've been trying to roleplay a story based loosely off Stephen King's Firestarter, but never actually experienced any fun with it - mostly because the partners I tried to do the thing with didn't really grasp the concept. o_O;

    But the story idea is this - a branch of the military in this fictional world started a project called Project Psyche. They disguised the experimental program as something like a PRACS study, in which the effects of a certain psychedelic drug would be tested. The subjects were assured they'd be just fine, and under constant supervision during the process.

    What the drugs did was change the subjects into certain kinds of mutants - some of them could be firestarters (pyrokinesis) or others could control a certain element, some got super human strength.. y'know. Whichever power you decide you want.

    Annnnd a couple could escape from the facility after waking and realizing that what had happened wasn't exactly true to what the facility said it would be. Especially since they were intending to use the new mutants to launch an aggressive attack on major cities all over the country (If you've read anything about the upcoming end of the world, I got this idea from the Area 51 caller on some radio show). The idea behind the attacks would be that the remaining population would be more easily controlled by the government, and a new world order would follow.

    What do you think?
  8. Good so far, but what happens after the escape? I've never really gotten on with Stephen King books, so it's unlikely that I know much - or anything - about Firestarter. But, from what I can understand, they're fooled into thinking it's a simple test, but they're merely weapons. A couple escape, and realise not all is as it seems.
    Unless I'm misinterpreting something here.
    Ooh, now I'm thinking what a mutant uprising in the facility would be like.
  9. You are correct in your thinking.

    But I also like the idea of an uprising within the facility. In fact I like it way better. They could wake up and immediately realize they are then government property, solely because they picked people whose lives hadn't really started yet - college students, just graduated who hadn't gotten a job yet - y'know, people who need money and are in peak physical condition.

    Sooo they are now owned, and are to begin training and or being experimented on, and briefed for the mission.

    Maybe they could run it like nazi Germany.. Attempt to brainwash the new mutants into thinking they will be at the top of the ruling class once the attacks have been completed and the new order begins.
  10. As it happens, I've been studying Nazi Germany in history.
    Well, I say that, but it was months ago. Still, the politics and morals and whatnot could make for an interesting plot.
    I'm assuming that there'd be some sort of pre-emptive countermeasure-already in place, to quell rebellions before they begin. Experimenting on people to turn them into weapons is dangerous, so they'd probably have something to cut them down before they can fight back.
  11. Would You be interested in a post apocalyptic survival esc setting or even a dead Space RP? Becuase If You are I have a couple of ideas for both. ^__^
  12. My apologies, but I've reached the limit for how many I'm accepting - as you can see, I'm already in discussion with someone else.
  13. no that's fine ^__^
  14. Agreed. There would be some sort of countermeasure... Seriously, I'm drawing a blank as to what sort it would be though... Maybe, once the people have been turned, the facility could've kidnapped the immediate families of the mutants and promised the mutants that if they follow through with the plan, the program will promise to keep the families alive once the attacks begin?
  15. That's the safe option, the one that everybody'd do. That aside, what about the people who only care about their own hide, or have been brainwashed to the point of thinking their own family impure vermin?

    I had an idea like this one we're doing now, once. Just so you know, nobody joined, but I did manage to think of something.
    See what if the mutants all had a poison constantly in them, that only required a catalyst to activate? We're giving people super powers here, so I think we can afford to push things a little. Then, when the rebelling person has been killed, their dead body is displayed somewhere everyone can see. A crudely-made plaque could hang around their neck, stating their name, and what their crime was. And it wouldn't be just death - oh no. The look of sheer agony etched on the corpses' faces that froze on them when the person died could show the rest of the facility "You will die VERY painfully if you do not adhere."
  16. What about a chip that was imbedded in them - somehow it could work like a microwave in their brains - BRAIN EXPLOSION. That way it can be activated at anytime at the push of a button or something from a control room.
  17. Yes. That is a mind-blowing idea.
    However, there'd have to be something that makes it so the mutants are scared of this. Granted, the prospect of dying on the spot if you're caught rebelling is scary, but we need to make it so that some of them are driven to insanity/betrayal. Insane mutants + betrayal + controllers debating over whether they're useful or not.
  18. Ello are you still looking for partners? :3
  19. If you had taken the time to read previous posts, you would have seen that I was unavailable for any further applications. My apologies.
  20. What about some kind of high frequency... insanity... beam from within the chip. Something like a dog whistle that causes intense and crippling headaches when it's being used. This could cause total insanity the more its used.