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    As you can guess, I'm bored. And my wellspring of ideas has been sucked dry.
    Something based on an existing series? Most series are too overused for me to be interested, and the ones I do want to play with aren't very well-known.
    Romance? Dull. Too many people wanting to do it, but with cliché plots so disgustingly simple, I physically wretch.
    Vampires and werewolves? Too many weaknesses, too overused, not worth my time.
    Playing a villain would be fun, but I don't feel like losing to the hero every time.
    Zombie apocalypses are far too limited, in my humble opinion.
    I've had my fill of fantasy and academy RPs, though if at all possible, I'd like to play youthful character - I'd have a better inkling as to how they think.
    If you think you've got an idea that might interest me, post it here. Don't worry, the ones I'm in aren't exactly buzzing with activity.
    But if I simply wave off your attempt to this music, don't be offended.
    I'm just BORED.
  2. I so feel the same way! (Except for the ideas being sucked dry part.) Only thing is, I'm not really sure how to scope RP ideas anymore, I just think of grand plots and need someone else to chop out a little bit for me. =P

    How do you feel about Sci-Fi? Anyways, here's the idea. (I suppose it doesn't have to be sci-fi, but I've been wanting to do a sci-fi RP for a while.)

    Evil Overlord has created a new race to do his bidding. There's only a couple of them. Only thing is, they've got an independent mind. They work well together, but why do they need this Evil Overlord telling them what to do every step of the way? They rebel and walk away. Evil Overlord is upset, but keeps at his work. Eventually, Evil Overlord tries to pull off some major bad crime, but he finds resistance. It's his old crew that everyone (good and bad) had forgotten about. Anyways, they save the day, and everyone is happy. Or so you think... but this crew still wants to take over the world.

    Or something like that. I made it up just now, so if you bored stamp it, I completely understand. =P
  3. *Begins to walk away*

    Oh... Interesting. We should discuss character details. PM, or here?
  4. Sweet~

    I'm not really 100% on where to start with this story, but yeah! Characters. I think I would prefer here. I wish PMs would just thread themselves instead of that quoting quotes business.
  5. Indeed, it is quite a pain. Anyway, onto business.

    Now then, going by the basics of the RP that you have so kindly mapped out, I'm assuming that our characters will be "lighter shade of black" characters - it's a phrase me and a friend use to describe a person who is largely villainous, but doesn't take the side of the heroes. Basically, an extreme anti-hero. Just a few questions about the main characters/collectives.

    1) What sort of evil overlord are we talking about here? Is he an all-powerful emperor, a sadistic ex-Nazi who hacks people open "for science," Moriarty-esque villain that burns your heart out up close and personal, after toying with you from a distance with fleeting appearances? The villain is always one of the more interesting characters in the RP, so we need to give him depth. A motive, not just world domination. Bad past? Predicting a foreboding future and wanting to change it? Or maybe he's just out-and-out insane?

    2) Assuming the main villain has minions, what kind are we talking? Hired guns? Feckless goons? Thoughtless soldiers, engineered from his genetic knowledge? The enemy we fight can affect how a character acts - much thought is needed.
  6. 1) I didn't think about this much. I like the idea of predicting a future and wanting to change it. Maybe he's imagined that alien races are going to enslave humankind and wants to unite people against this threat. I imagine he's also something of a control-freak, and eventually his own desire got beyond him. Maybe this is from some previous encounter with aliens. If you're cool with time travel, maybe he's from the future, and has seen this future, and wants to change it. Someone who at one point just wanted to do good, but when he realized the "good people" were against him, he wanted to show them that he was "right," and started going to etxremes.

    2) I think before he's the kind of man who's frickin' intelligent. Before he made the engineered race, he had a small-ish following. When the group first came into play, they did follow Evil Overlord dude, and people got scared and more joined. I imagine after he engineered his own race, he realized it wasn't such a good idea to give them so much a sense of individuality and wanted to give them more a sense of obedience. I imagine afterwards he made either thoughtless soldiers or robots with some of his most loyal leading them.

    How's that sound? Feel free to change anything or throw other things in, too.
  7. My only concern is what we call our overlord. He can't just go by his title, you know?
  8. Sorry dor the slow response. I got sucked into the chat RP that happened yesterday.

    Do you want to go with a "this evolved from earth" point of view? / Still takes place on Earth?
    Or something across multiple planets / galaxies? Star-Wars-esque or something?

    They could possibly call him "Creator," which maybe is what he had them call him. Or we could actually give him a name...
  9. id like to do a roleplay with one of yous if you do send me a private message
  10. If you haven't noticed, I'm already taken. Please, note whether someone has answered BEFORE you post.
  11. Eh, Creator sounds fine.
    I'd probably have this centre around Earth, but branch out every now and again - you know, for variety.
  12. Sounds good to me.

    So do you want to do something like we're both RPing people in the engineered race? [Maybe we should give them a name...] Or ...?
    And do you want to start before they thwart Creator? Afterwards?
  13. Personally, I'd like to start from them breaking out of Creator's grasp - it should give them a bit of development, and provide some sort of insight into the characters' personalities, and why they work so well together.
    s for race names, I can't really say that I have something good in mind. However, if it's a project name pertaining to the two, how does "Two-Man Army" sound?