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  1. Hey Everyone!

    Well, here I am looking for some new interesting roleplays! J I am currently only doing realistic roleplays, sorry for those of you who do not. The fandom type roleplays just never really held my interest. With that being said, I do like to only play females. Sorry again for those of you who do not like people like that.
    Now, listed below I have a few roleplay ideas that I would like to do, but I am always open to more ideas under just about any genre!

    Horse Stable: Here I was thinking about the two characters (any gender) are friends at a riding stable that had entered a competition and need the best riders while the two of them compete for a spot, they have their own inner demons to deal with.

    Victorian Era: I don’t know what I really want for this, human/human or human/vampire or whatever. I am really open to anything in this category.

    Wild West: Think outlaw man/woman with an average citizen or lawman type thing. I would like this to be more action and adventure then actual love story-ish

    ….that is really all I have for now. If you have another idea feel free to comment or message me! J I would really like to hear your ideas!
  2. The wild west and Victorian era ideas sound really good. PM me so we can do one together
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.