Bored, need to rp

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  1. I'm quite picky but right now I'm very bored so i'll pretty much take anything
    I only have a few things about me that are quite annoying:

    1. I LOVE post apocalyptic
    2. I ADORE dramah, that's why I am the god of dramah to a few old peops
    3. I don't like csi Fi that much
    4. I don't LOVE fantasy
    5. I DO NOT do females
    6. I love friendship and male x male rping
  2. intrested Do you have any ideas
  3. Not exactly but I do a lot of dramah and suspence lately, kinda like... those themes in the old dark city and stuff, since it's the raining season where I live I base my stories a bit on mercs and that stuff... um ... -being very uneasy-
    Well we could do a "survivors" rp as well since I like PA, ut with no monsters or anything, but with human beings and stuff, like The Book of Eli -(but not the same anyway... just the concept)
  4. by the way I LOVE your picture
  5. i always have ideas for the end of the world kind of things. keep me in mind ;)
  6. Lol I had a sugar rush before I didn't even notice my bad post XDD (sorry about that anyway...)
    And of course! you can pm me if you want, but I never start rps, specially not at work (yes i AM at work lol)
    but essentially because I wanna know my partner's ideas, so go on ahead
  7. how about end of the world, sci-fi, and horror combo? bwahahhaa
  8. LOL! That'd be a bit ironic!
    I like it XD let's do that
  9. sweet now to work on the plot. I'll pm you once I figure out something good probably by tomorrow for sure :)
  10. thats awesome. We can do the survivors theme and were you talking about my picture? lol
  11. Yes XD sorry about yesterday, sugar rush due to cookies.
    We can do that but you start it ;A; because I'm at work!
    please. lol.
    I only do mxm for romance and friendship as well
    but I can also go neutral o u o yeah! let's do this!
  12. awesome ill have the thread up shortly.
  13. Thank you! Link me please
  14. lol i dont know how. Its in the onexone titled Last Man Standing
  15. saw it and replied, thanks XD
    my character is like in the picture, I'll try to fix it tough, it's too small
  16. ps: i only write as much as you give me so give me alot to write back
  17. Sorry! sometimes I get brain freeze so I try my best to write a lot, I'll boil my brain so it works! D:
  18. lol its totally cool dont stress :p
  19. Lol! sorry I'm doing 5 rp's at a time @v@