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  1. Hello everyone I am bored and need a new rp partner/partners. I only got 2 rp's going at the moment and they are kinda moving slowly lately so why not? I have a few rp's I would like to do, here is a peek. Let me know if you wanna do any of these or rp some of you're ideas. I am up for just about any kind of rp!

    Master x servant: A master and his/her servant can never go wrong now can it? Sure life may get in the way for the master and it's servant may get frustrated at the job but they are still grateful to have each other. After all the master did help it's servant at a time in their life when they needed someone most. It is a strong bond they share together but they don't see themselves as a "couple". Will they ever become one or will life take a hold of them and it will never happen?

    Sci-fi: In the year 2048, the planet Earth was destroyed due to an extreme war with beings from other worlds. Only some survived and escaped to other planets, the beings from other planets soon took over the entire galaxy in 2050. This group of beings are called The Ascenders, they are alien like creatures disguised as humans to blend in with the community of humans. They are fascinated in them but thought they could do better so they destroyed Earth and ruled over the entire galaxy in just 2 years, once everyone heard they took over the neighboring planets agreed for them to rule over the galaxy. In this new reborn Earth there are space gangs, and crime and even space gambling, with the only S.S.P.O (Solar System Protection Organization) as the only way of protection for the planets. But since it wasn't funded very well, it is a crappy rip off of the police. The people rely on assassins and secret agents to take out dangerous criminals and organizations/gangs. Will these planets ever be safe again? Will the Ascenders ever do anything about these problems? Who knows all we can do is have some hope.

    A medieval furry rp (needs a little more work but have a general idea of what I want it to be like):
    In a kingdom filled with hybrids of an animal/animals mixed with human, this kingdom has great diversity between these hybrids. The kingdom is pretty wealthy and ruled by King Gilbert, a cat hybrid who is strong in courage and leadership. Although it is open to any hybrid, it is kind of hidden from the world and is located in the middle of a desert like place. Most humans think it is a myth but oh they just don't believe hard enough.
  2. Hello! I am interested in maybe roleplaying with you, if you still need a partner that is :) Pm me and we can talk about it! -^.^-
  3. hi! I'd be down for the second one
  4. Hi! Maybe the 3rd one!
  5. Fourth? I'm looking to roleplay that first option.
  6. I am kinda slammed at the moment so I have been getting new people left and right and still arranging them with some.So before I need to see if they will work out. If they don't then I will gladly take you both!
  7. Alright, that's understandable. But if that moment ever comes, feel free to message me.
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