Bored dire need to rp

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  1. I dont have a plot yet but so want to rp. Any takers?
  2. Hmm, I'd be open to a 1x1~ I don't really have any plot ideas either...Well, there's a sort of half-plot/setting thing I use occasionally, but it's old and desperately needs to be rewritten. If you want, I could post if for you to read...?
  3. Awesome I'm all game post it hehe. *bounces off the walls*
  4. Oh, I actually found another suggestion I'd made a long time ago while looking for the first plot-thing, so here's my original e-mail proposing the idea:

    Well, I'm not too sure what I want to do specifically, since I'm kind of at a creative low right now, but I had a random idea when I was half-asleep last night that I kind of want to try, if that's okay. I'm not really sure if it makes very much sense, but basically it's a futuristic setting where another planet has been discovered, and there's humanoids inhabiting it. They look very similar to humans, but they also have the traits of various animals. The rich/elites/upper crust/famous/whatever you want to call them of Earth can pay to have one captured and brought back to Earth to be used as a servant/bodyguard/companion/whatever they want, but the cost is much too high for anyone in the middle class or lower. We could each be a rich person and a...whatever we decide to call the other people.

    I think we wound up calling them Alaarans or something like that. And here's the one I'd been looking for in the first place:

    In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there is an uncharted island that doesn't show up on any maps. There are legends about it, however, that can be heard all over the world. Supposedly, this island was magic, and not the ‘good’ kind. Anyone who ventured there would be trapped, slowly transforming into some sort of mythical creature. They would never be able to leave the paradise, trapped forever or until they died, depending on the mythical they became. They would be able to leave only before they began transforming, which happened as soon as they set foot on the beach. The process of transforming wasn't painful for some, merely unpleasant and confusing to any who had not heard the legends. For others, though, it was an incredibly painful experience that left some mentally traumatized. The island was rumored to be a beautiful paradise, with pure streams and clean beaches, almost completely untouched by man. Of course, this is all legend, but nobody has gone to the island and returned to set the story straight.

    I'm fine with either, or something else if neither tickles your fancy. I'm going to sleep now, though, so I'll respond tomorrow. (Unless, of course, I wake up at 2 in the morning and can't sleep. >.<)
  5. Very cool
  6. So did either catch your attention? Or is there something else you'd rather do?
  7. I like both alot, but the first one really caught my attention.
  8. Okay~ Should I go start a new thread for it, since the intro I have prewritten for it explains it all more? Or can we just ask an admin to move this to the right category?
  9. Either one is fine with me actually.