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  1. Hey! I'm Evime :) I'm really bored and I wanna do some new RPs. I'm currently doing 1 RP at the moment but I wanna do some more ^.^ I don't have any ideas, so if you do please PM me or even if you don't we can brainstorm something. I have some requirements but I will always be willing to nudge some of them if you're not comfortable; the comfort of my partner is the most important thing to me!
    • Post length: This really depends on the situation and scene, but I do expect at least one paragraph in length. Quality over quantity always, so don't put in useless details that make me feel like I'm sifting through an archaeological site, searching for the useful stuff in the middle of all the sand. If you really have no ideas or anything, please tell me at the beginning of your para OOC and I'll do my best to give you something lengthy. If you give me a oneliner with no explanation I'm gonna assume you're lazy and give you a oneliner in return. For detailed scenes and situations 2-4 paragraphs are fine. If you prefer more, I will be able to write more.
    • Style: There is absolutely no need for you to color characters' dialogues! It's kinda annoying, but if you must do it I understand (not really but I'll try not to mind). If you're some HTML wizard and always style up your posts I'm gonna feel kinda stupid cuz I am not an HTML wizard. But hey, they're your posts and I can't really do much about it if I'm an idiot, so this isn't really a requirement.
    • Grammar, spelling, etc: You don't have to be Shakespeare but I do expect proper grammar and spellings. If you're not a native speaker I will excuse minor mistakes. Actually, I will excuse minor mistakes from anyone. I don't consider myself an expert in grammar and English but more than five mistakes per post are kinda annoying. Spelling... spelling mistakes infuriate me. I mean, I won't yell at you or anything but I will fume inside. Most of us have a spell checker and if you don't there are many online.
    • Things I will not do: I will NOT do anything involving animals, furries, LGBT+ characters, or smut every 5 seconds. Animals because bestiality is plain wrong and even if it's not a romance... Just no. No animals. I mean, pets are okay but animals as the main characters are a no-no. No furries either. No LGBT+ main characters since I'm straight and I'm worried I won't portray the character accurately and will offend someone. Smut, well, I've never EVER RPed or written smut before (I *ahem* have read it several times), so if you really want to throw in a sex scene please be willing to excuse any *errors* I make. And please no overloading with the smut.
    • PM or thread: I prefer PMs since I'm not ready to show the world my writing yet. And no, don't try to push me into doing a thread. Your plot has to be really freaking genius if you manage to convince me otherwise.
    • Explicit stuff: I have never RPed smut before, as stated earlier, but I will try if you are willing to help me learn. But I will not do more than like 2 or 3 smutty scenes. Language is not a problem for me. Your character curses like a filthy trucker, I won't care. It depends on your character. You are free to curse while talking to me too. In fact, if you don't mind cursing I will be more comfortable since I will worry over whether it's okay to casually throw one at you. Also if you/your character do curse DON'T COVER THE IT WITH STUFF LIKE F**K OR $H!T. We're not in kindergarten!!!
    • Quitting: If you wanna stop the RP please please please tell me. Don't just stop or disappear, leaving me hanging for a reply. If you're bored just tell me and maybe we can do something to spice up the plot or maybe we can stop.
    • Romance: Romance is like the best thing for me in my RPs. I love romance. The chances of me doing a romance RP are 99% more than me doing an RP without romance.
    Okay, now that that's over with, I guess it's my turn. I can promise you lengthy posts, well developed characters, and pretty much anything you want!

    Sadly I have no plots right now, nor do I have any pairings I really wanna do. Any plots or plot bunnies are welcomed!!! Except for master/slave relationships or bad boy/good girl relationships. No, just no.

    I do have fandoms. Maybe we can do something with OCs in a canon universe, or maybe Canon/OC?
    • Tokyo Ghoul (really really wanna do something with this!!!)
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe (I don't know anything about the comics, sorry. This will also be really fun for me because I love the MCU!)
    • Diabolik Lovers (I hated the anime sooooo much and I have this weird craving to right all its wrongs.)
    • Harry Potter (I'm not into this anymore, but I'll RP depending on whether your idea is interesting to me.)
    • The Hunger Games (not super into this but not averse to RPing it.)
    • Death Note (again, not super into this anymore but would totally RP it.)
    • Free!
    • Kuroshitsuji
    Ah, this is quite long, isn't it? I hope I'm not asking for too much... Anyway, please PM me if you're interested or have anything you'd like to RP with me!
  2. Hej, I'd love you to conjure something up with you.
  3. Hiyya! 0^◇^0)/
    I'd make an rp with you as well, Pm's are okay with me. I Don't know what plot would surely interest you so we can talk it over later if you want ( I'm new here to so I'm kinda trying to make friends. ≧﹏≦)
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