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  1. My character is from the medical show casualty so if anyone has a character of a doctor or nurse we would have a great time roleplaying because it would be very similar but with tweets. :)

    I love anything dramatic when it comes to a roleplay and im flexible with differentideas to so if you had anything in mind I would love to hear it! I'm on pretty much every day and I do reply with at least 6lines minium so a paragraph.

    Zoe ( Zo for short ) is a medical consultant and has been doing the job for 5 years she is very flirty and does take a lot of risks sometimes they don't payoff but the majority of the time they do not afraid to flirt to get what she wants she will continue untill she gets it. With her feisty attitude always on show it's rare to see her soft and vulnerable side as she is afraid it would make her look weak. Work always come first with Zoe and her social and party life seconds and if had thechance would go out more in the evenings but her work was first anddecided this was not right.
    Inbox me for plots or you can take a look below this post. :)

    My first idea:

    With little tiny things going missing from her home and work place Zo begins to get more suspicious when she receives aletter in the post with a couple of photosof herself attached to it with the letter saying the sender was keeping a close eye on her. But when clothing and accessories goes missing too she decides it is time to contact the police but on the way he grabs her and stops her from doing so.

    Second idea.

    After seeing a patients releative over the few weeks Zo knew it had to end as it was unprofessional and if anyone caught her she knew her job would be on the line so when she tells him that it's over he locks himself in a room with her and takes out a knife wanting to be in control of the situation.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.