Bored and need of RP partners.

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  1. Hello there. I'm looking for at least one new partner for a one x one. I usually write romance, modern, or paranormal and only play females in mxf relationships.
    A few ideas I'm looking at are:
    slice of life

    I'm always upe for new ideas so don't be shy to ask. Also, I like writing so I like when I get to respond to a post that's at least a paragraph. One liners seem to really bother me. I'm also up for really quick replies so if you're here most of the time, that would be great. You don't have to, it's just waiting for responses can be annoying sometimes.

    Anyway, that's all I needed to say. I hope that's enough to spark your interest. Feel free to reply or send a PM!
  2. I have an idea for a Roman era-set romance, if you might be interested in that? I really love doing femalexfemale, and I already have a character for it, if you would be interested.......