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  1. ALRIGHT! So, I might of been kinda inactive as of late, and neglecting my RPs (I plan on replying to them ASAP tho), and I always look through the "Seeking 1x1" section, but end up finding nothing or not being interested.

    So! I decided to make my own search thread. I hope having one or two more RPs will cheer me up a bit, put me in a productive mood and strengthen my RPing skills a bit!

    A bit of an introduction:
    Hi! I'm chil, I'm 14, and as you've guessed, even with tons of homework and lots of stuff going on, I... still crave RPs, be it casual, super deep, or exciting!

    RPs don't always have to be liberteen, but I put it in this section because of multiple reasons:
    • I'm more comfortable when RPing with people my age
    • allows me/us to express ourselves more and RP slightly heavier RPs
    ...and others.

    I know I may be like, super young to a lot of you (geez, why is everyone so much older than me?), but I'll try to be polite and interesting most of the time!

    I ask of you to:
    • talk to me - whether it be wildly off-topic stuff, RP planning, your concerns, etc. etc. Communication matters!
    • post at least once a week- this can be broken though, due to the fact that I'm pretty slow during some periods and sometimes I'm lighting fast and waiting! But I'd prefer for prolonged absences not to happen too much- especially in OOC. If you're having a hard time or just simply aren't feeling like it, we can talk it out or even start a new RP, no problem! If you're not up to RPing at all, then please say so, and I'll step away.
    • post something I can work with! Even one sentence is fine, if it gets it's point across and there's room for interaction! You may reply with up to 5 paragraphs (which will scare me a bit), but if I can't think of anything to reply with or I simply don't see an opening... I'm sorry, but post wasted.
    • tell me if something's off or if you want to work something out! This especially concerns the above point- if I leave you hanging with nothing to grab on, tell me! I'll edit my post, rewrite it, or add more to it, depending on the need.
    • be considerate- if I can't keep up with your post length, you find my characters a bit dull or I always repeat the same mistakes... Tell me so, but please be considerate. I'm not a great RPer- I just got back into it- and I'm also not a native English speaker. I struggle a lot while writing my posts, and sometimes that's my reason for turning away from countless RPs, even if they're run by friends.
    • just... have okay grammar and sentence structure or something. Slip ups are of course okay (duh), but I'd really really like it if you didn't make constant mistakes! (Do tell me if I don't notice one, tho!)
    • I can't remember any more "rules" at the moment, so yeah.

    Plots and stuff
    A note here! I'd like to mixing it up- for some pairings, the sub/dom roles are interchangeable or some pairing are dom, some pairing are sub (depends on what kinda mood I'm in/what kinda character I'm making). I also love to make stories together with my partner! Granted, not all of them will be equal plot/creation wise, but I'd be nice to combine worlds and plots together!

    I like my RPs with lots of character interaction, a normal dose of worldbuilding/plots and a little sprinkle of comedy, drama, hurt/comfort (and maybe gore) mixed into it. I tend to lean towards fantasy/sci-fi a lot (even though high fantasy is just not my cup of tea, I guess) with (usually) romance. I also don't really like super dark or gritty plots... Yeah I'm a baby...

    Werewolf x Vampire (or any combination containing one of these two, really)
    Monster x Human (or any variation of a monster)
    Ghost x Human
    Witch x m!Witch/other witch
    Ship captain x Prisoner (sci-fi)
    Angel x Demon
    Spy x Worker/normal citizen (sci-fi or modern)
    Maid x Employer (I have never tried this, and will probably fail horribly, but the idea seems interesting)

    ...And more to come.

    Plots are none... for now!
    Maybe something involving ghosts, haunted mansions/forests (or just magical stuff)... I just seem to dig that kinda stuff.

    I'm a biiiiiiit into creepypasta, but just... Don't know. Kinda tired of fan stereotypes....

    I hope that at least someone will be interested!

    Also, fandoms I'm in, for anyone interested:
    Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Loki: Agent of Asgard
    Gotham Academy - partially, don't know about the whole Robin thing yet
    Transformers (Prime and IDW comics (after All Hail Megatron))
    OFF (game by Mortis Ghost)
    Homestuck (haven't read it in ages tho)
    One Piece
    Steven Universe (have to catch up)
    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (...also missing on that)
    Dangan Ronpa (ALSO MISSING ON THAT)
    Kill la Kill
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  2. Maid x employer sounds interesting to me as well. PM me if you're still looking for a partner and we can work out details
  3. Monster X Human seems really cool. Can you message me so we have somewhere to discuss it please???
  4. Room mates caught my eye.
  5. homestuck! Homestuck!! ^u^
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