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Hi All! Quick question , I was wondering how you did color borders or borders in general around your postings in RP or IC threads?


Colored Fieldset Box


This will create a fieldset with color and style options.
[fieldbox="Title, red, solid"]Yay text![/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Title, blue, dotted"]Yay text![/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Title, goldenrod, dashed, 10"]Yay text![/fieldbox]
[fieldbox="Title, hotpink, dashed, 10, Tahoma"]This includes a 10 border radius and the title font changed.[/fieldbox]
I hope this is what you're looking for :D[/fieldbox]

The code for it is [.fieldbox="Title, colour, solid/dotted] Text [/.fieldbox] with the removal of the full stops and changing the title, the colour, and the option to either solid or dotted.


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To expand on what Arcadia mentioned, the code you're looking for is:

[fieldbox="Title, color, line style, corner radius, font"]
Body text

Make sure you include the quotation marks!

Title is the header in the border. Color is self-explanatory. Line Style is dotted/dashed/solid. Corner radius is a number from 0-10. 0 is perfectly angular while 10 is very rounded. Font is whichever font you want the title text to use.

Keep in mind that if you're going to change the font, there are some fonts that different users on different operating systems can't differentiate! Try to use a common font if possible.
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