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  1. (Used this prompt in an rp that never happened, so I'm re-using it, now that I've found someone who wants to play with this concept :D)

    The bright and happy kingdom of Frieden was, indeed, a land that lived up to its sunny reputation. Not only was its climate excellent and its countryside rich and beautiful, but its people were unusually happy and prosperous. The poor and needy were taken care of, the strong helped the weak, neighbor helped neighbor, and the lord treated his tenants with respect. Father and mothers loved each other and their children, and worked hard, finding time also to play. Strangers visiting the land always felt eased after leaving it, strengthened for their journeys. Many decided to stay, and were welcomed, as there was more than enough to go around.

    Frieden was an anomaly in the lands round about for this reason, though that did not stop other lands from wanting to trade goods and knowledge. Frieden was a bountiful land, to which the more jealous and hard-hearted attributed their prosperity. Frieden lay just North of the Great Sea, nestled in the fertile green foothills of the White Mountains, right above the Crossroads. The hills were rich in ore and jewels, and abundant in timber and game. Yet, it wasn't the country's position on the map, nor its natural resources, that was its true source of prosperity. So long as a good king and queen had ruled the land, together, no serious harm ever came to the land. For more than 500 years, Frieden had stood tall and bright, bouncing back from wars and famine, plague and severe weather. Everything that was thrown at them is people endured with remarkable cheerfulness, always retaining their kindness and generosity. Some called it luck, others magic, but only the king and queen knew for sure. They reigned justly and wisely over Frieden, providing the example for their people in how to love one another, and treat the world around them. So long as they remained bright of spirit, their kingdom could not be toppled.

    Yet, on the borders of Frieden lay an ever-growing darkness, fueled by hate and envy, which could not penetrate into the beautiful land by force. Rather, it was slowly eating away at the villages on the outskirts, a constant but unclear threat. Knights who went out to inspect the problem had not come back, save one, and he had gone mad. No one was sure what to make of his stories of monstrous beasts, of shifting mists and possessed villagers who ate their own children. To the loving, happy people of that land, such things were almost beyond the scope of their imagination. Frieden had weathered other catastrophes before, but this was something altogether different.

    In fear of their lives, many on the outskirts not yet affected still packed up and headed further in, petitioning the king and queen. Many a brave young lad with no wife or children to support volunteered to do battle against the menace, even if no one quite knew what it was. However, both the king and queen knew there was only one who could go against such evil and have a chance of remaining unscathed, one who had the magic of the royal bloodline flowing through his veins; their only son, the prince.

    (Leaving it up to you whether or not you want to be the prince or the knight. I can do either.
  2. [[I'll be the knight]]

    Frederick son of Alric, was a knight. He was of noble blood, but he didn't put on airs like some of his fellow knights. He didn't have much ambition in him, other to serve his Kingdom and keep the people safe. His brothers teased him constantly about it, but he didn't take offense. Ambition was for those who hadn't found their place, like his eldest brother who aspired to become a counselor to the monarch. Or his sister who desired to be married to the prince. Or even his father who wanted to be a general.

    Frederick was content with his lot in life. He had everything he needed and more. So when the rumors of unrest and evil at the boarders, he volunteered to go. His family had tried to dissuade the young knight, for he had not yet reached thirty years of age, calling the quest suicide. Frederick had simply replied that even if it was, it was his duty to die so others could live. Of course he didn't have to point out that he wouldn't cast away his life foolishly. He fully intended to live a full and rich life. His argument made his family grumble but they stopped trying to openly oppose him. They knew he was more stubborn then even stone.

    So Frederick had moved out with the other volunteers to help villagers move into the kingdom. For weeks he aided the people, gathering their supplies and helping them relocate. Their fear and despair tugged at him and wanted to rise off to find the source, but he knew what would be the epitome of idiocy. So he made sure his charges were safe. In the end, it was worth it to see the relief on the faces of the adults and smiles return to the children.

    But the relocation was just a temporary solution to a dire problem. One that the Kingdom didn't know how to fix. Or so the noble knight believed.
  3. (OOh, I love his looks! Sadly, the only look for a prince I could come up with that was right was this but with blue eyes. I couldn't find the right picture of an outfit for him. He'd be wearing light blues and golds and whites. Maybe I should look in the same place you got your picture from. I can't draw my ideas T_T)

    Gabriel was a prince who fitted his angelic name to a 't'. When the people of his kingdom suffered, he was right there alongside his knights, helping with the relocation, even moving supplies and comforting the refugees. The prince's earnest desire to help was partly inspired by his loyal knights, who were inspired by their prince. Gabriel had always been taught to love others, and that the true role of a monarch was to serve his people. It was a role he took to naturally, and with all the earnestness of a heart eager to be of use.

    That was, when he could get away from Francois, the Lord Chancellor's personal assistant. Francois had been sent to make sure the prince wouldn't 'waste his time' on such trivial matters, but stay at the rear and oversee things. This wasn't so much a matter of rank as practicality. The prince had a tendency to do his duty until he passed out, and had to be reined in frequently. Nothing was beneath his notice, but in his earnest desire to be of use to everybody, he often overstretched himself.

    It was seen as a good thing when the king and queen recalled him to the castle, though not to make him rest, as everyone hoped. The disturbing reports of attacks along the border had made Their Majesties come to a hard decision, which decision involved their heir. However, he would not go alone. A messenger was sent to Frederick, son of Alric, to return to the castle, where the prince awaited him in a small, private room. They had known one another for many years, but only on a professional basis. To be asked to speak privately with the prince would have been unusual.

    Gabriel waited for him in a state of calm, barely masking his agitation. What he had to tell the knight was unusual, but he had chosen Frederick for a reason. No other knight, even in such a decent bunch, had as spotless a reputation as Frederick. No other knight had demonstrated selfless thoughts and actions consistently, nor were any as dedicated to the kingdom and its people. Most importantly, he had no apparent ambitions beyond what he had now. Gabriel had chosen him for this reason, but even so, he felt the burden of his choice. He didn't know Frederick beyond a certain point, and had to trust his instincts. The prince just hoped he was right.
  4. Frederick touched the crumpled paper in his pocket. He wasn't in full armor in the castle and he felt naked without it. The plate mail had become him over the months he had worn it. The cloth tunic and breaches were too light and he couldn't stop thinking that they provided no defense. Even the sword at his side did nothing to make him feel better. Here in the Castle there was nothing to fear, but he was still nervous.

    He touched the summons in his pocket again. His boot echoed down the corridor. Though it seemed not to bother anyone of the many people he passed. Though they did look at him when they thought he wouldn't notice. Everyone looked at him like that nowadays. It wasn't often someone like him was called to the castle. Especially from a summons that originated from the Heir Apparent, Prince Gabriel.

    Frederick had seen the Prince, but he had never talked to him. Never had a reason to. The knight stopped as he guide stopped. The livery clad man turned and bowed to Frederick. At least everyone was polite to him. It gave him hope that he hadn't trespassed against the Kingdom in someway, despite what the rumors said.

    "The Prince is awaiting you." Then the servant turned and left Frederick outside a plain door. Well, as plain as the plainest door he saw in the Castle. The ornamentation was minimal. It was even then the equivalent of the best door in his parent's manor. The man took a deep breath and knocked.
  5. "Come in, please." The voice on the other side of the heavy wooden door was soft and youthful and very polite. When Frederick opened the door, he would find the prince seated at a large mahogany desk, going over various papers and maps, his feathery white hair slightly disheveled, as though he'd been running his fingers through it. As Frederick came inside, he stood, revealing himself to be several inches shorter than the knight, and slender of build. In spite of this, there was an air of quiet authority about him, making the prince seem older than his appearance and age would indicate.

    "Sir Frederick." he smiled softly, blue eyes meeting the other's without any hint of superiority. Gabriel held out his hand for the knight to kiss his knuckles, but only because that was the custom. After this one time, they could dispense with such formalities. Gabriel had the feeling they would soon know one another too well to stand on ceremony in private.

    Gesturing to a seat across from his own, the prince sat down himself, lacing his fingers together against his bottom lip, and watching the knight in silence for a moment. Frederick looked rather nervous and confused, both of which the prince understood. He sometimes felt that way when called in to formal 'meetings' with the king.

    "I am terribly sorry to call you from your work," he said at length, his expression solemn. "But there is a rather…pressing matter which I would speak to you about, and it cannot be delayed much longer. I will come right to the point. You, of course, know of the darkness that is threatening our borders." Waiting for a confirmation, he continued. "My father and mother, the king and queen, have discovered a solution to the problem. I am that solution." A slight wince pinched his face, before it smoothed out again. "There is….it is difficult to explain, but there is a hereditary power only we three possess, without which our land would fall utterly to the darkness. No more may be said of it. Because my father and mother must stay to keep this power alive in the heart of our kingdom, I must go to the borderlands myself, and may only take one companion with me."

    During the explanation, Gabriel's soft blue eyes focused on the knight, watching his reactions. He knew even this brief explanation sounded like nonsense, but there was no way around it. Frederick needed to know at least this much. Gabriel paused for a few moments, letting it all settle in. He wondered if the knight would catch on to what he meant in his last statement.
  6. Frederick had barely finished knocking when a faint voice issued forth. He didn't quite understand what it said, but the meaning was obvious within context. The young Knight opened the door and stepped into the room. The room was large, but not ostentatious. The man however was captivating. The prince was shorter then himself, which caught the Knight off guard. It didn't fit his mental image of the prince. That and the fact that close up he was kind of frail looking. So unlike most knights, especially compared to Frederick who felt like a lumbering bear in the Prince's Presence. At least the prince was still behind his desk so he was able to resist the impulse to slouch.

    "My Prince." He dropped easily into a formal bow and too the offered hand. It was small and cool, almost feminine. His chapped lips brushed the Prince's hand and then he stepped backwards to a respectful distance. When he was offered a seat he took it, even if he would rather remain standing. But only after the Prince himself had sat. The Knight listened as the Prince spoke, a frown appearing ever so slightly upon his face. Most of it was jumbled, told from the vantage point of someone who already knew such things. Though the first half was common knowledge.

    "Yes, Prince Gabriel." Frederick confirmed when the Prince stopped and waited. When the Prince stopped for a second time, the frown upon Frederick's face was firmly in place. The short speech didn't answer anything but it wasn't his place to question the Prince, let alone the King and Queen.

    "I'm not sure I understand my Prince." Frederick said slowly as his mind worked through the new information given to him. "However my sword is yours and whatever it is that you ask of me, it is yours." He wasn't sure what else to do or say. When he had first pledged his allegiance to the Kingdom and the crown he had knelt on one knee and offered up his sword to the King. Should he do the same here? The fact it wasn't a formal meeting by the lack of onlookers kept the man in his seat awaiting the Prince's will.
  7. Gabriel's face had been still, if slightly tense, as he waited for Frederick's answer. On hearing it, the muscles seemed to relax and smooth out.

    "I was hoping you would say that. It is…not an easy thing to pledge troth after hearing what I have just said. I thank you for the confidence you have shown, and your loyalty." True gratitude shone in his blue eyes as they met Frederick's soft grey. Seeing the knight's frown before, knowing what he had to say was strange, if not nearing insanity, Gabriel was glad of Frederick's ability to have faith. The prince would be asking much of his knight in the coming days.

    Standing up once more, Gabriel gestured to the maps, running a slim finger along the route they would take. "I'm afraid there is no time for any of the usual pomp and circumstance to set you apart as my knight on this journey. I take your pledge just now as oath enough. You are a truth speaker, and an oath keeper, I have been told."

    Here, Gabriel paused, his full lips curving upward a bit. Really, he was glad to have someone like Frederick, son of Alaric, coming along with him. Though a fine swordsman himself, the prince could use a good sword, and a good heart, by his side. There was much to be done on the borders, and they would both need plenty of courage and will. In spite of his slender build and delicate looks, the prince was tough and hardy, and not easily cowed. Being as small and doubtful as he was had made him try that much harder to overcome his physical flaws.

    "We must leave tonight, and travel in secret." He continued. "Horses and gear have been prepared, but if you have anything plain to wear on the road it will suit our purpose better. Other than that, there is no more to be done on your part, except to have your affairs set in order. Can you have this done by tonight?"

    Gabriel spoke swiftly but clearly, and his eyes only once left the knight's face to look at their map. He had begun to roll it and the other papers up again, placing them in a battered old map roll. Then, setting it down by the desk, he returned to his chair, hands folded on themselves. His eyes held Frederick's for a moment, before he added, "If you have any questions, please ask, and I will answer as time allows." He could practically see them bubbling on the knight's tongue.
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