Borderlands: Scorched Earth

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    : Spoilers ahead concerning the ending of Borderlands 2. You have been warned

    Adventuring through the Borderlands, you find a pair of ECHO devices, and you play the messages inside:

    "My name is Michael Donovan, and if you can hear this, and you can understand what I'm saying, start heading to the Dust. Drive a Light Runner MG, stop in the middle of the Dahlwell Oasis, and I will signal you in. I will explain why in the next message."

    "Hyperion has begun a scorched earth campaign on Pandora. They've created a horrifying gas. It kills all it touches, I've seen it myself. First it was bandit camps in the Southern Shelf, then it was Overlook, Lynchwood, Thousand Cuts... It's all gone. Sanctuary is next. You may tell yourself; this is a job for the Crimson Raiders and the Vault Hunters. News flash; they're dead. I saw the aftermath. When they hit Opportunity, Hyperion used their new weapon. The Crimson Raiders are no longer a viable force. You may say that Sanctuary is the safest place on Pandora, but that will change. Even if the Hyperion gas can't get through the shield, Sanctuary is going to run out of food. It's up to us to stop Hyperion now. I have a plan, one I will share at the meeting place. The gas appears as a purple-black fog, usually preceded by a moonshot. If you see it, get upwind of it, and pray the wind doesn't change. The cloud will disperse after about an hour. Any exposure will kill you. If you get caught in the cloud, the gas will dissolve your armor, then your skin. Shields will protect you from the gas, but it will still enter your system. You will suffer aches throughout your body, your blood will run purple, then black. The infection will kill you much slower and much more painfully than normal. Your best bet if exposed: Take your gun, put it in your mouth, and squeeze the trigger. Avoid the gas clouds, and carry a gas mask if you have a shield. This will protect you. Please, come to the Dust before it is too late."

    Curious, determined, outraged, or simply with nothing better to do, you head for the Dust.


    Welcome to Borderlands: Scorched Earth.

    For this RP, I am looking for five more players, preferably to fill out the other classes.

    Some rules:

    Site standard rules

    God modding does not fly

    Original Characters, because the Vault Hunters are dead.

    There will be a fixed posting order. I have had bad experiences with uncontrolled group RPs in the past, so I will not let that happen here.

    Please try to post two paragraphs or more, but quality is greater than quantity. Also, keep the action going. This is war, everyone will get hit, everyone will get wounded. Please keep it that way.

    Please be able to post once every two days, preferably once a day.

    If you are going away, and wish to remain in the RP, let me know and we can work it out.

    If you fail to post without notification, post half-assed replies, or deviate from the posting order, you will be warned. Failure to heed those warnings, and your character will be killed and you will be removed from the RP.

    Input, input, input. While I have a ton of ideas, and a few set events, twists, and quests, I want your input, I want your ideas. This is our RP, and everyone should have a say.

    Most of the canon characters are dead, but the several remaining can be interacted with. In interactions they must remain true to their character.

    Shipping and character romances are fine, but that's a side show. Also, if characters are entering a scene best described as dirty, just fade to black... Else Claptrap will walk in and narrate.

    A few other things to note:

    Death is real: As part of Hyperion's kill everyone campaign, the New-U Stations are shut down. (This may change)

    Now with terrain destruction: I love terrain destruction, so I'm throwing it into Borderlands. Things now corrode, light on fire, explode, collapse, shocks can travel through metal... Pandora is now a playground of destruction

    An Inconvenient Truth: The weather is also a factor

    Food: Food and water are now required for character survival.

    Check Your Fire: Because friendly fire is on, and it has the right of way.

    Damage: Instead of actual damage bars, when characters take damage that passes through their shield, it actually impacts them. Example: Bullet hits leg, movement is impeded until either A) Health regen kicks in B) Teammate heals you C) You enter Fight For Your Life or D) A fatal wound (see head- or heart-shot)

    Health Regen: Will be on a scale. Keeping with the leg wound example, if you waited to heal with a regen factor of 1 (base)

    Post after injury is incurred: Slowed movement

    +2: Slowed movement

    +3: Somewhat faster

    +4: Significantly faster

    +5: Fully healed

    Factor-Number of posts until fully healed




    Everyone has a base heal of 1, but class mods and relics can increase it.

    Fight For Your Life: If a character is knocked down, they are given one full posting round for another to revive them. If they are not revived, then the player and I will go through a random chance check to see if they were able to kill an enemy.

    Character Skeleton:


    Nickname: (If any, omit if not applicable)



    Class: (Only one character per class, please)


    Weapons: (Maximum three (3) Unique, Legendary, Pearlescent, or Seraph pieces of equipment)

    Melee Weapon: (I have an awesome weapon idea for a Fire-loving Siren.)

    Grenade Mod:


    Class Mod:



    Weaknesses: (Try to keep these balanced. Do not expect to get away with ten strengths and one weakness)

    Biography: (Not their entire life story, just the summary)

    Other notes:

    My character:

    Name: Michael Donovan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Class: Commando


    6'1, wiry muscle crosses his body. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes. Tanned skin from many hours under Pandora's sun. Wears something similar to this:

    He has a few tattoos:
    1: A pair of tattered looking black angel wings on his back
    2: The ace of spades and 8 of clubs on his wrist
    3: A fist holding three arrows on his neck


    Slick Law: Jakobs-made revolver, underbarrel bowie blade gives extra melee damage


    Reactive Crowdsourcing: Hyperion triple barrel Fire shotgun

    Scorpio: Dahl-made assault rifle


    Boosh-a-Boom: Torque-built rocket launcher


    Scythe Turret: His Class weapon. Like the Sabre, it has a high caliber machine gun, Like the Scorpio, it projects a shield in front, for Michael and his teammates to shelter behind. Unlike either, it is adaptive: It fires Fire rounds and organic targets, Corrosive at armored, and Electric at shielded targets.

    Melee Weapon: An entrenching tool
    Grenade Mod: Homing MIRV

    Shield: Stable Adaptive Shield

    Class Mod: Efficient Tactician (Increased Team Shield recharge rate, decreased recharge delay)

    Relic: Blood of the Seraphs (Increased health and health regen)

    Regen Factor: 2


    Come A Little Closer: Highly adept at close in combat, especially in urban areas.

    Boom: He has become something of an expert with explosives

    Ride or Die: He built his own Technical truck, and can drive it well. Also a capable buzzard pilot.

    Quickdraw: Years of being a gunslinger has made him extremely quick on the draw, with any weapon

    Field commander: Years of playing guerilla warfare against various enemies has taught him numerous lessons in the art of war, so he naturally takes charge.


    My Way, or the Highway: His Alpha-male demeanor makes it hard for him to deal with others trying to give orders. Resisting his command usually leads to injury and death.

    Shell Shocked: The things he has seen and done have emotionally and physically scarred him. One might see a playground and happy children playing, he sees a slaughter, or a warzone. Conversation with him turns real dark, real fast.

    I Don't Share my Toys: Touching his things without his okay really does not turn out well.

    Look Under Every Rock: After securing an area, he loots everything.

    Show Your Face: Because of his close to medium range armament set up, he has a hard time dealing with sniper attacks.

    No Murder? Drinking Time: He has a slight drinking problem

    Biography: Part of a Dahl force deployed to Pandora, Michael stayed on the planet and made it his home, working like many as guns for hire. Michael was ruthless, but surgical, only killing his targets when he could help it. To this day he swears never to have killed an innocent. He never worked with bandits or marauders, but he did work for Hyperion, that is, until, New Haven. After he saw Hyperion's ruthlessness, he turned on them, striking them any time he could. He became good friends with the original Vault Hunters; consoling Mordecai and Lilith after the deaths of Bloodwing and Roland, respectively. He celebrated the death of Handsome Jack by blowing up a Hyperion mine. However, after the slaughter at Opportunity, he became more withdrawn. Now, he stands on the frontlines in the Battle for Pandora, leading a last ditch assault.


    Hyperion has a 10 million dollar bounty on his head

    He drives a custom-built Technical. It has the Bandit Technical body, a heavy MG in the turret, and a semiautomatic recoilless rifle mounted in the bed.

    Accepted Characters

    1: Commando-Michael Donovan

    2: Siren-

    3: Gunzerker-

    4: Assassin-

    5: Psycho-

    6: Mechromancer-

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