Borderlands 2: The Alternatitus (Open Sign-ups/ OOC)

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  1. "Why, hello there darling. Welcome to 'the nursery'. Oh, I bet that makes you feel right masculine.

    This is an alternate story in the universe of Borderlands 2 (think multiverse theory).
    The world of Pandora is the same as what you know and love, but things are... different. Jack... well, Jack was doing his thing. You know, crazy, psycho, space-tyrant and all, but right around the time the Vault Hunter arrived he just up and vanished! It never really surprised me. Jack always finished before things got fun.

    Anyway, after Jack vanished Hyperion began to crumble too. It just started to vanish, just like Jack did. Sanctuary rejoiced! We were finally able to expand and become a community. A true civilization it was all, so... peaceful.

    Then it started raining in the Dust. The weather that had been in the Dust seemed to have been evicted and kicked out to the northern Ice Shelves. They started to melt, but the goddamn water didn't do what the smart people thought it would. Once they found out it was melting, they were worried most of Pandora would go under water. It didn't. The water was just... gone, or something. I won't pretend to know what happened.

    It was a miracle. The climate changed for the better, Jack was gone with no sign of reappearing and new, real, settlements were beginning to appear that functioned under Sanctuary. You know, when we could get a wall up before some curdled Bandit found the construction crew while in possession of a corrosive gun and a bad attitude.

    This doesn't sound like the kind of story your used to, though, does it? Yeah. I, either. About the time when new settlements were being made, I had made enough to begin reconstruction of my Underdome. Thank God for that, too. This time, it was made underground-- the hard rocks were the foundations, walls and ceilings. It would be hard for this one to go down like the last one. Of course, it had plenty of my... special touches.

    This is important, because then Zed lost his job. A deadly string of sickness began spiraling through the planets inhabitants. Well, not the bandits or anyone that should've died, but Roland? Yeah, that sweetheart was one of the first. Him and Lilith both. The Siren caught... whatever it was, from Roland and it spread like one of those nasty venereal diseases. It went everywhere. Everywhere but underground. As soon as people found out that things like caves, or more importantly, my Underdome, were unaffected... my small theater became a city. Above ground was uninhabitable, and those who had escaped into caves had became feral like the rest.

    We were back to square one. One square of civilization. A civilization that was scared and confused about what might kill them outside the city. They were all my sweet babies, so my Underdome became just a part of this place I call... The Nursery.

    My Nursery."

    My character (open)
    ]Name: Mother Moxxi
    Role on New Pandora: Leader of the Nursery


    The CS you see above is the simple format that should be used if you're using a character already from the Borderland fandom.

    Below, is for Original characters.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Appearance:( Picture, description, or both.)

    Any Special Abilities: (like the Siren)



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  2. Is this still open? I'd love to do a Borderlands RP.
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