Borderlands 2: Bandit's Veiw

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  1. Hey, Borderlands 2 Fans! In the game, you are the fearless Vault Hunter, slaying Bandits, wild Animals, Robots, Hyperion Personnel, and all manner of things killable! In this thread, however, you will be playing from the point of view of one of the Bandits scattered throughout the land. Psycho, Nomad, Goliath, Marauder, Killer Marauder, Rat, et cetera. Go crazy! Literally! No godmodding, however. If your character happens to die, make another! And feel free to use some of the characteristic lines spouted by your chosen class. Now that that's settled...

    "Gimme your damn loot!"
    - Nomad
  2. Phillie, otherwise known as Psycho, walked around his area in his mask. He was always bored, waiting to see Vault Hunters and kill them. He wanted the prize Handsome Jack offered, so he waited on one spot, alone. He had one battle with a Vault Hunter in his original place, but got away. So, he we find Psycho, sitting on some stairs and sighing.
  3. Zeke,Or in this order Psycho wanted to be like most of the bandits in his base but knew that every other bandit wasmuch, much better. Untill one day he walked up to phillie "Hey you there *Scrachy laugh* what are you doing"!
  4. Phille laughed manically, as if it was his normal voice. "Waiting for some Vault Hunters to kill."