Border Guard [OOC]

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  1. Decided to throw together an OOC for the RP Border Guard, mostly to ask a very important question.

    I wanted to ask how you all wanted to continue the RP after the big attack that's happening. I've been throwing a few ideas around and I guess there's 3 options:

    1) Our characters are all survivors of this attack and we carry on with life in the trenches and other attacks.

    2) A few characters live, a few die. I put all the character's names in a theoretical hat and pick half of them, and those characters are marked to die in that attack. You're free to accomplish as much as you want, but by the end of the attack you need to die one way or another.

    3) Keep the RP short and have this be the last night for all of our characters. Have them accomplish something BIG, or maybe they sort of just... Fall down, one by one. Something kind of somber.

  2. Umm, well darn. I kind of want option 2, but at the same time I don't want my Char to die.
    Guess 2, at the very least he goes out with a literal bang.
  3. Option 2, because I can always create a new character and character design is something I like to do.
  4. Personally 1, but then we would have to put in alot of redshirts to die. This is a hard question, maybe let their own player decide how they wanna die and when?
  5. Hmm, tough choices... My first instinct is to go with option one but a dramatic character death would be cool, that or having the surviving characters reacting to all the deaths could also be cool.
  6. I'm leaning towards option two myself for dramatic deaths. Just because you're gonna die doesn't mean you have to die from trench foot!
    Not stopping you from dying from trench foot or something though. I mean if that's how you wanna go that's how you wanna go, right?
  7. Sorry, double post D:
    Alternatively, we could do a bit of a mix between one and two. Anyone who is okay with their character dying can just put their name into my virtual hat and I'll mix 'em up and choose a few. Still, I don't want character who just keep going on and on. After 3 days, your character is put into the hat no matter what. If you still volunteer, you're put into the hat a second time. Thoughts?
  8. I'll volunteer.
  9. Sounds good to me, although I will probably wait until the next "pool" until I volunteer Adria.
  10. Option 3, because my charries usually die a lot :luigi:
    I'm fine with any option though, and...this is a jump-in right?
  11. O-oh! Y-yes El Presidente. Just jump in w-whenever you like... *sweats bullets*

    But yeah, it's a jump-in RP. Hop in whenever!
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  12. Can I start the attack now? All you guys drunk banter is getting boring.
  14. Um, I kinda agree with Orbital, but Presidente just joined so why not give him a bit.
  15. I'd say start the attack soon, but give it a wee bit longer.

    As a side note, most of the undead aren't the intelligent sort but they are able to wield rifles and such. Essentially just a mindless horde of WWI soldiers without the need to be worried about 'self-preservation' and 'oh god we're being shelled' and 'oh jesus my leg where'd my leg go OH GOD MY LEG MY LEEEEEG'... *ahem*. A few of them might be big Frankenstein's monster-esque things, or bit jumbles of random parts sewed together and reanimated. If you can think of something horrible and made of dead bits, thye might very well send it after us.

    But yeah, wee bit longer then the first of the undead can arrive. You might be able to see a few stragglers ahead of the horde though, Orbital.

    Probably gonna be extra busy for awhile, dunno if I can post tomorrow -_-"
  16. K, I'll wait.
  17. Okay, hopefully I won't be too busy afterschool so I can begin the attack.

    Also, go ahead and assume Las left and continued to get her things like she said she would.
  18. Unless there are any obections, I'm starting the attack now.
    Sorry I didn't post yesterday @_@
  19. *facepalm*
    THAT WAS THE ENTIRE Pitcher? *frowny face*
    go on ahead with the attack, I'll send my character to his death to the front of the lines.