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  1. What better way to start than with some pictures of Iwaku member?~ :D

    Zypher, our very own rainbow~


    Dawn, nuff said.


    The truest gentleman


    Loveless, and my self. <3

    Two loves.jpg

    This was the closest I could get to Dawn's true form. >.<
  3. Adorable! I want to see more art!
  4. And now from my collection of old work; some [rainbow]PAINTINGS[/rainbow].

    These works were created after a very dry spell of no creativity (about 4 years worth). One day I decided to start painting... And somehow I got realism out of it... It's so strange because even when I was in my artistic prime I could NEVER get the hang of realism. I am a cartoonist/surrealist by nature. o___o

    This first one is very special. Two christmas's ago I did this as a gift for my bestie, Dawn. It is of her cat Pumpkin, who is sadly no longer with her.
    This work is done with acrylic on convas.​


    Second up is another gift. Actually the drawing itself has been a gift for two people now. I first drew this girl to paint for a friend who was moving away. Though that was back when I was in grade 8 so my skills then were pretty poor. Not to mention I had the crappiest brushes EVER! BUT, the one I am showing here is MUCH better. Yet another chirstmas gift for yet another dear friend. She saw the drawing on my facebook and loved it so much that I painted it AS that friend. :3
    Done in acrylic on canvas board. (Unfortunately the lines aren't as clean as I would like, but this was before I had primer.​


    Third is the first picture I did coming out of the dry spell. It's an abstract, my first to be exact. I had a lot of fun with this. I really just started off painting the background, having something else in mind entirely, and then with each brush stroke, each colour, it became something else. I always like hearing what other people see when they look at it. :D
    Another acrylic on canvas. (Currently hanging up in our stairwell for my mother has claimed it xD) ​

  5. THAT IS MY CAT. I <3 him and miss him.
  6. Great stuff there!

    The abstract one; Selenite sees a whirl of things, beings to be more precise.
    At the same time, I think of a duck. The white spot is the duck's eye.
    But, swirling around, I see faery-mermaids.
    And sometimes I think of a small dragon, too.
  7. Oh my I love love love your style. The first batch are incredibly cute and your paintings are well drawn/painted. There is an interest in them, in particularly with the last one. It's absolutely gorgeous!

    Keep up the great work, I'm sure you'll get the hang of realism again. :)
  8. So these next few are drawings from when I was a teenager. All of the following are pencil sketch on paper.

    This is Dejiko from the series Di Ji Charat. I can't quite remember the year I drew this but probably near when I was 16. I also did a painted version for my grandmother :3 Sorry I don't a picture of it :/
    This was a free hand forgery


    This is an original. I was 13 when this was done. Hahaha you can tell I was still an amatuer with this one xD. I think I drew this as a request for a friend.... Though I'm not sure why I have the original copy if it ._. ​


    This little cutie is my personal favourite of my drawings. I was 16 when this was done :3
    She is a mix of forgery and own creation, but free handed.​


    This girl is second on my favourites list ^^. I've done a couple painted versions of her as gifts to friends and family. I was 16 when this was done.
    Free hand forgery.​

  9. And now for something random :D

    For those who know of my cbox personas this is one that I think I love the most! I am SAILOR FUKU GLITTER FART!
    This was just a pencil drawing coloured in pencil crayons and markers. I added actual glitter to the real picture but it didn't turn out right during scanning. So I had to edit it to look like this! xD Maybe now that I know how to play with my scanner I can try it again :3.​