Booooored.... RP partner search

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Modern, Romance, Yaoi
Hey guys, okay so this is my first day off in a long time and no one was replying to the RPs that I already had so I thought, why not start another new one?

Things you need to know about me:
-several posts a day, I post when I can. I work for a convention company and another firm so I can't reply when I'm in office even though I always manage to sneak posts in.
-I don't write fxf, unless you maybe can convince me. I've never tried it before.
-I build RP plots with my partner unless you have a really cool plot let me know so we can work on it together.
-I usually like realistic RPs so anything in the now or in the future. No fantasy or historical RPs unless once again you have a very good plot in mind that we can work on together. Historical events only WWII interests me so don't bother with events from before that.

Pairings I'm up for;
Brother x brother
Brother x sister
Loser x popular
Bad boy x good girl
Soldier x OC
Sister x brother's best friend
Married OC x OC (affair or cheating)
Pregnant OC x OC

If there is another paring you really want to do that's not up here, let me know.
The RPs that I do won't always be "happily ever after" stories. Always happy stories aren't my kind of thing. My character could die or something bad could happen, emotions is a good thing is stories. The more emotions the character has the more real they are to me. A good plot, great writing and realistic characters can make me cry my eyes out and it has happened often! Lol.

PM me if you're up for it ^^

Kyy Namosaka

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Anything but Sci-fi or historical(excluding feudal Japan. I love that!)
I'd be up for brotherxsister!


I would be up for either
Bad Boy x Good Girl
Sister x Brothers Best Friend
(I prefer female roles if that's alright)
If you're still looking and interested in role-playing with me~^^
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