BOOM...shaka laka.

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  1. Hello, hi there, and omg, why didn't i find this site, like, a year ago! so excited to find such and active looking community. well, I'm mostly here fr adult role-plays somewhere were the players aren't idiots. hope to have AlOT of good stories, maybe some steampunk or evil assassin stuff too.

    drop me a lne, anytime, HALLO IWAKU!
  2. Welcome!
  3. [video=youtube_share;g7_Up2FB_Fk][/video]

    >__> Hi.
  4. Why yes i do lift, lol. Already lots of fun here. :3
  5. Wreath! What's happening? How's it going? You hanging in there alright? Well, I'm a newbie too, and, I just wanted to say, hi...

    If you ever need a character to play along with, let me know. I play pretty much anything, I even have the tramp stamp to prove it... wut? Seriously, run any ideas you want by me, if you don't, I'll have to show you my tramp stamp of certificatification, yes, that's a word, just trust me on this, and also, no one wants to see it, trust me on that too. ;P
  6. Oh my goodness! Good ol' Tak was the first thing that I thought of when I saw Boom Shakalak! Oh, look at all the newbies (myself included)! This site is so different from the one I'm used to.
  7. Welcome to Iwaku!
  8. Oh my lord, it actually goes on for over 10 minutes.