Bookworms know this feeling (funny picture)

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  2. Aaaaaagh!
  3. There's a special place in Hell for the sadistic sumbitch who places the stickers near the outer corner of the book's inner sleeve.
  4. I have actually perfected taking stickers off of books. You peel very slowly, but if the sticker starts to split, you stop and slowly scrape up the residue until it rejoins the rest of the sticker. Honestly, this only works with certain books or certain stickers, so I have a couple of books with white sticker paper still stuck to them.
  5. Actually, there's an easy way of removing that sticker! Well, at least works for things like boxes or vinyl cover books. Blow-dry the sticker for a few minutes! The heat will melt part of the goo and make it easier to remove :)
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  6. I sooo hate that >< If the cover is tough enough I can also use a damp cloth to get rid of that stupid paper.....
  7. YES! Oh my good lord yes... Pain in the ass stickers are the bane of my existence >_<