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This isn't a "what is your favorite book" thread, but rather, what book INSPIRED you? Sometimes you a read a book and the imagery jumps out at you. Something about it just jump starts your muse and then suddenly you have tons of ideas of your own!

What book/s have inspired you for new ideas?
East of Eden, It's also one of my favorite books, but it has inspired me to write.

The Gormenghast series, most specifically "Tidus Groan". Its an Amazing story with amazing character development. I'm always surprised about how few people have heard of it.

And probably the Dark Tower series. It always makes me want to write my own massively long, delicately intricate story. Maybe someday I will.
I'm going to have to say Redwall and the following series. It was the first real book I ever read and than I went on to read the entire series. A couple times actually. Because it was the first real book I ever read it was the book that kick started me into wanting to write. Even these days if I'll pick it up and read it for a nostalgic feeling plus inspiration.

Besides that one i'd have to go with the Iliad. I realize they are on two completely different scales of reading level, but, I can not read a portion of The Iliad without wanting to write something of my own.
herm... I have to agree with Octy on the Dark Tower. Probably the most complex story I've ever stomached and liked.

Also; the Wheel of Time series. Seriously, that's a good read and an interesting take on the fantasy genre.
Mortal Engines put an idea in my head for a sci-fi setting that has never gotten worked out, either in writing or RP, so if that's inspiration, there ya go.