Book recomendation thread

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  1. I am resurecting this thread, but for completly selfish reasons. I am almost done reading the wheel of tim series, and I will be in need of a new series to read. Are there any books/series that you suggest?
  2. East of Eden - John Steinbeck.

    Anything written by Aldous Huxley.
  3. Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse Novels: (Based off the HBO series, TruBlood.),

    Terry Brooks,(Running with the Demon Series)

    Anne McCaffery, (Mostly the Pern Series)

    House of Knight Novels by P.C. Cast.

    And The Vampire Academy (Rachel Mead)
  4. ^ good books (Though the show is based off the books, not the other way around ^^;)

    I'm a fan of the Wicked series by Gregory Maguire. They're dark though, DARK.
  5. The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. It's really good, and the final book of the series came out this year (10 books in total, but there are some spinoff novels...everything you need to know is in the main series though).

    The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, starting with Storm Front. He's a wizard's pretty awesome, I picked up the first book of the series and couldn't put it down until I finished reading it.
  6. The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.

    A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung: Harnessing the power of the universe by Daniel Reid.
  7. A lot more simplistic in plot, but the Belgariad by David Eddings is a nice quest epic.

    Want to know what else I like? Go to Good Reads:
  8. Or you could go with David Eddings' Elenium series, which deals more with the religious aspect of life then 'there are religions, now go kill this god' type storyline of the Belgariad.

  9. Russian lit? War and Peace, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment .. Brother's Karamazov, Anna Karenina, Lolita ..
  10. Terry Goodkind- Sword of truth series

    Olson Scott Card- Enders Game series
  11. Yes! Books! I got Ocha onto Goodreads so I better link my account too: I dunno if it's set to private or not. *shrug*

    Hmm, I wasn't the biggest Wheel of Time fan so I'm not sure what to suggest after that. For fantasy series, Tanya Huff is a writer I adore: her Quarters Novels is a great series, although not quite as epic as Wheel of Time.
  12. Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut

    Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

    Snow White by Donald Barthelme

    Hopeful Monsters by Nicholas Mosley
  13. . . . I'unno, I've recently become a fan of 19th century literature so I'll just go ahead and point out Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I love how the two conflicting ideals and mindsets of the sisters represent the clash between the ideas of Romanticism and the Enlightenment; furthermore, I love how Jane Austen starts out almost more certain in which is better but then gets more ambiguous and ambivalent about the issue. Oh, also, gossiping and rumors and the ending that'll make you go "OH, HAPPY DAY!" are a plus.