Book of Song plot and concept.

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  1. Plot:

    A house of bards within the pink blossom realm had its Book of Songs stolen. (The source of their power and secrets.) It is common for a house to separate their songs across several books and never in the same location. Out of fear that espionage from another warring house or faction could obtain their power. Thus weakening their political position as well as causing their collapse. The house of Bards suffered a major blow, feeling both dishonored and fearful have convened an investigation. With the culprit unknown, the Father of the house dead. Civil war is all but in the air, in an act of desperation the government sent out three children from the six houses. Each of a different vocation to find the pages of this book less they fall into the wrong hands. For within these pages lurks terrible songs of power, meant not for anyone to utter.

    Traveling across the realms with nothing more than the houses father’s daughter as a guide (She can partially sense the words of the Old Gods resonate across the realm.) A race across the realms and time; where foe and friend alike lurk around every corner. To uncover a terrible secret kept within the song.

    House of Song. (bards. Rank 5)
    House of Blades (Warrior.Rank 4)
    House of woe (Assassins. Rank 3)
    House of Enlightenment. (Alchemist, sages and mages. Rank 1)
    House of commerce. (Marchants.Rank 2)
    House of the forgotten. (Those who venture into more normal life like farming. They are citizens but are considered less than all other houses.)
    Royal house. (Advisors composed of the most predominate members of all the houses. Their version of a government.)

    Playable Races- All types of Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Beastmen, Undead, Plane based. Angelic, Demon, Air genasi ect…)

    Stock characters are welcomed as well as generated characters. Profiles can follow any format you prefer, but must possess basic info, skills and if you have enchanted gear the enchantment must be specified. Also engineers are permitted for this world has some steam and magic based technology. Profiles not required.

    Classes- All welcomed. If you wish to create one of your own that is fine as long as your skills are clear.

    Sub classes also allowed.


    Open totally. I do not believe in fully limiting the world. Want to be a member of a house? Go with that. A rogue element such as a lich king? Go ahead. Alignment is of no import either. From whore to wandering prince, from warrior to alchemist all are welcomed.

    Skill level desired? Doesn’t matter…

    I just ask if you post one paragraph and someone post six please read their post. And if you post six and they post 1 also read their post. I hate it when people purposely skip over someone’s post or a huge chunk of it out of laziness.

    Can you bring a sub plot for your character detached from the main plot? Of course, characters may be tied to the main plot but realistically we all have our own desires and purpose. I dislike when people strictly say “My plot only, and don’t post discussions over others you met ect…ect…ect

    Common sense applies of course. Example of an acceptable sub plot for your character…Your mother is ill, came looking for a rare serum. But the Alchemist who once conjured the potion turned out to be a necromance ron his way to Lich hood. Tucked away in the same hold we are heading. You tag along with the hope of finding a serum or perhaps the recipe.

    Another example…While traveling throughout the realm with our characters you hear whispers of an old friend caught in the wrong crowd (maybe even a song or daughter) Though you say nothing we sense something is wrong. When we confront you about it you tell us he was a close war buddy. So we diverge from our mission to assist you reclaim your friend. Or put an end to his terror.

    I feel though harmful as these side quest can be toward the integrity of the plot. They tend to add a sense of identity and organic feeling to the world and characters involved. Thus making it worth the gamble. Link to the intro post.

  2. Let me know if you need help getting this off the ground, Fox.

    Some players might be put off by your passive-aggressive bitching about Revision. She's quite well liked around here.

    Maybe edit that part out then you can trick all her friends into joining up.
  3. I might have a character that would fit well into a story such as this.
  4. It's almost criminal that this hasn't had more attention. I'll have a character written up by sometime tomorrow.