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  1. Hi, this is the Out of Character thread for a new JumpIn roleplay I'm working on called Book of Angels. This is for commenting and plot discussion. My next post will be a plot overview, followed by the actual thread creation in JumpIn Roleplays.
  2. Plot Background/Overview

    In this alternate world, people can see angels. They appear to the naked eye and tread in the world around us. These beings that have a divine calling, are on a mission to each fulfill their destiny, a secret only known by the Keeper. Nobody knows who the Keeper is, whether he is among the angels discreetly flying in their ranks or whether he is another entity entirely. It is a matter that is curious and intriguing among the angels and mortals alike, for it is said that knowing your destiny gives you power beyond measure. There are groups forming, of all sorts of beings- good and evil that have the deepest lust to know their destinies and gain power such that no one has ever seen before. Will you join the ranks of the light ones who fight for good or sink to the depths of madness that evil and darkness bring? Or will you stand in the middle, knowing both light and dark? Angel, mortal, god, or demon, we all have the biggest secret to discover, our fate. Whether this knowledge is bitter or sweet to discover, it is an obsession of all our souls.
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  3. Character Sheet

    Name: Orion

    Species: Angel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 520

    Height: 5’7”

    Eye Color: Black with gold flecks

    Appearance: With dark short windblown hair and a face with chiseled stony features hints at a straight edge personality. Broad shouldered, he carries himself surely, wearing a long black coat over a blood-red suit. He has large pearly wings that are thick and are a marvelous sight to see when extended.

    History: Orion rose through the angel's ranks to become a part of the high ranking tier. Though not the highest in his company, he is responsible for much of the justice force. It's safe to say he loves his job, all 500 years of it. What he did for the other 20 years of his life, he will never tell.

    Personality: Straight edged and serious, there is depth behind his intense eyes. He is conflicted about what alliance he belongs to. He fights for good, killing those who prey on the innocent, but he enjoys the slaughter a bit too much. Does that make him as bad as the evil that he destroys? He doesn't know, and is anxious about the answer.

    Power: Avenging the innocent, hunting the murderers and criminals, and dealing justice on this evil-ridden world

    Alliance: Neutral
  4. this is cool i am joining as a humen is that ok?
  5. That's great! You can join as a human. I will have the real thread up soon.
  6. yes XD i cant wait X
  7. name Night wood but neck name is The shadow

    age never ask lady her age

    race humen

    eyes color Raven night with a hint of gold

    Appearance: black hair pale skin when shnowaers a black top and blue riped jean. when she is working she waers a very slim body suitwich is completly black but she can move and run in.

    history: she just a normal spy that watch everything, knows everyone and she works for both sides. and she takes her job very Seriously. and she would never tr past even gun ponited at her head.

    power: she can see angels and demons like any normale humen can

    which side: both but mostly on the good side