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  1. Rules of the game: grab the book nearest you right now:
    * Turn to page 56.
    * Find the fifth sentence.
    * Post that sentence.
    * Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual. Use the CLOSEST book......

    Here's mine: Then take it before your father to eat, in order that he may bless you before he dies.
  2. Mine is: Ere we will eat our meal in fear and sleep

    Old English FTL. It was the closet book though.....
  3. "Look, Ms. Boardman, I popped off without thinking."

    Strangely enough have not opened this before.
  4. "Maccabi"-our password.
  5. There are two connection terminals on this main unit: One for the RCA connector and the other for the optional LAN Cable.

    (Stereo reference guide, hey it was the closest book to me)
  6. It was the wine that killed her eventually.
  7. 2. athlete of this weight.

    *word* (bantamweight) Oxford Pocket Dictionary and Thesaurus. What? Yeah I know its like my bible okay.
  8. "They sat down in rows."
  9. I caught her by her thin, knobbly wrist.
  10. Agarre una toalla enrollada o un palo detrĂ¡s de la espalda.

    Huh, this is kinda fun.
  11. The antique carpets were even finer.

    (/shameless necro. :D)
  12. DO obey any transmeditory laws of weaponry.

    closest book was the ninja handbook. kinda weird.
  13. Ariel felt herself wince.
  14. Grew pregnant, you might say.
  15. I'd rushed home by train and bus, a journey of several hours during which I'd been unable to get any word of my father's condition

    - Master of the Delta, Thomas H. Cook