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  1. When a famous but small bookstore, Book Love, burns and kills the owners, everyone is in shock. The little building had many hand written books by the townspeople. Worse is that the owners left three small children to their three best employees/novelists in their will. But there's a catch. Each child is actually a living book, destined to be children unless someone finishes their stories. Will the employees finish what their mentors started?
    ***This roleplay has a predetermined amount of characters, their roles and genders. I will reserve spots but only for a while. Numbers match up so kid number 1 goes with employee number one. Please note this is around the Middle Ages, even though there is no set place or year. That is up to you all.***

    Child 1 (female): (Child of the Winged Ones) Ruan Ling Lin
    Child 2 (female): (Lstorm) Diána Kardos
    Child 3 (male):
    Novelist 1 (male):
    Novelist 2 (female):
    Novelist 3 (male):

    Appearance (If you use a picture, add anything we can't see here):
    History ([/U][U]or their story if you're a child):[/U]
    [/B][U]Theme song[/U]: Just put a link to a video of the song and the lyrics
    [U]Hex Code[/U] Everyone has a color, why not put your characters? Their dialogue will be in this color, regardless of who's post it is.
  2. Here is my character. I may expand on her story a bit, but she is otherwise complete.

    Name: Diána Kardos

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Role: Child 2

    Diána appears as a young girl with long, black hair reaching all the way to the ground. Her skin is a little bit paler than usual, but not to the point of looking unhealthy. She has generic, brown eyes, and her face is forgettable, as well as her really plain-looking clothes. People usually forget about her after seeing her.

    Personality: As a young child, Diána is curious, but is a bit shy. She is wary of strangers, especially of people who are not her own age, but is otherwise friendly. She prefers actions to words, and thus, is not very wordy. However, her insights tend to be thought-provoking, and she herself has a tendency to get philosophical about the most insignificant things. She also has a surprisingly good memory.

    Likes: Dolls, learning new things, listening to stories, apples.

    Dislikes: Sweets, dirt, wind, loud noises.

    History (or their story if you're a child): Diána’s story is that of a young girl, who dreams to be a philosopher, yet can not become one, because she was not taught to read. The story follows her adventures as she tries to find someone, who is willing to teach her, and eventually succeeds. However, the young girl’s mentor turns out to be a slave trader, who, after earning her trust, sells her at an expensive price. Regardless of the young girl’s fate, she remains enthusiastic and starts to smuggle books into her room to learn about the world.

    The story ends abruptly when the owner of the young girl finds her cache of hidden books, and calls for her. There are a few notes left, stating that this story follows a very obscure myth, which no one has heard about.


    Theme song: (Lyrics are in the description.)

    Hex Code: #1CD6D6
  3. Name: Ruan Ling Lin (Last name first, in case anyone's confused)

    Age: 17 (though she looks 10)

    Gender: Female

    Role: Child 1

    Appearance: Ling Lin's black hair is very short, coming barely under her ears, which have been pirced by two small bells. There are two pieces in the front that are longer than the rest. It seems almost feather soft. Her eyes are a chocolate brown and are always looking around at everything, trying to understand it. She wears a pale gold cheongsam with a blue dragon, red phoenix, black tortise and a white tiger embrodered on the back. She has a silk choker with a small bow on the side. She always has a worn out looking book with her.

    Personality: Ling Lin is very shy. She doesn't talk a lot, seeing as how she is trapped in a book. When she does, it's to correct someone or to answer a question. Once you get past the shy exterior, she is very passionate about books and learning. To those who don't know her, she comes off as an aloof know-it-all when she's just a inspired and lonely reader.

    Likes: Books, quiet places, music, sweets and animals

    Dislikes: Loud areas, being inside for too long, not getting the book she wants

    History: Once, in a kingdm of old, there was a young girl. She wasn't the prettiest or the most well behaved but she was still loved by everyone. She was kind to everyone and often helped out by gathering in the forests. She was also very smart, with her head forever in a book. She knew a lot about almost everything so many of the smaller children looked up to her. She was called Ling Lin, meaning "Spirit Forest".
    One day, she was walking through large forest around her village, looking for berries when she came across a book she had never seen. Picking it up and taking it with her, she thought nothing of a new looking book in a old forest. She gathered enough berries and took them to the local shaman, who told amazing stories, which she loved. Returning hme, she went to bed after a bit of dinner and finishing a book she started in the beginning of the morning. The next morning, when she woke up, the book she found which had been placed on her table, was in her lap. Surprised she began to read it when...

    Theme Song: (Both sets of lyrics are in the description)

    Hex Code: #72587F