Boobists vs. Dickism vs. Vaglic

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  1. It's here. It's finally here. The war between all three religions. This is where we shall fight, side with The Almighty Bag...The gods known as RACKS. Or some other thing we haven't gotten to yet.​
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  2. I believe in the harmonious intercourse.
    Do not disturb the balance, my friends.
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  3. It's far too late for that.
  4. It's okay baby.

    We just, gotta get the mood back

    *soft jazzy brass begins to play*

    Why don't you and I just take a moment to... escape.

  5. i just believe in intercourse

    reverse cowgirl
    standing up
    sitting down
    with a friend
    with a really good friend
    with a friend and a really good friend at the same time
    in the shower
    in the kitchen
    on the floor....
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  6. ...on a train
    in the rain
    with a little pain
    without being lame
    with someone vain....
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  7. with a goat
    on a boat.

    I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am
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  8. your room
    while cooking mushrooms
    while listening to radio tunes
    with the beats going boom
    in the guest bedroom....
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  9. the Air Force
    as a matter of course
    like Luke with the Force
    while looking for the source
    on a Tour de Force
    overall, I support intercourse!
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  10. Azarthes is one with the Interforce.
  11. Dicks shall be victorious in the end, as always. Those who do not cower in fear before The Almighty Bag and its plethora of Divine Dicks shall be cast into the darkest pits of celibacy for their heresy.

    What else could you expect? Boobs are soft and malleable things, wholly unfit for war. Vaginas are admittedly formidable in that they can take a pounding without breaking, but where is their offense? Only the dicks are known for thrusting, stabbing, dominating, and conquering. Even the fortress of the anuses, a once mighty and seemingly untouchable bastion, has opened its gates and submitted to the flood of the dicks.

    There is no victory possible for standing against the glorious might of dicks. No, those foolish enough to fight against them will receive only defeat, humiliation, and sticky hair.
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  12. I stand turgid at the face of the enemy.
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  13. I think we're all familiar with the fact that you erect monuments in victory. You do not milk, moisten, or poop them.
  14. [​IMG]

    I wonder how close I can get before I get banned.

    I'm sure @Diana will warn me where the line gets close to being jumped.

    Then I'll jump over it.

    Then I'll jump over it twice.

    Then maybe a third time.

    What was I saying again?

    Oh, right.

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  15. You clearly never eaten Chipotle
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  16. I don't want to imagine what Mexican food is like in Sweden.
  17. We don't have many mexicans here, Mainly people from Colombia and Chile.

    My one case of Food Poising on native soil was Mexican food.

  18. Am I the only one that find all of them kinda icky?
  19. @LeVen

    No it just means you're part of the asexual battalion.
  20. Well I never thought about it that way.