Boo! A Ghost!

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  1. Hello, everyone!
    I'm new to Iwaku, but not to roleplaying, which I've been doing for around six years?

    Anyways, about me.

    I'm a ghost! So spooky.

    I prefer to be called Ghost, I suppose.
    Don't worry about pronouns, my preferred ones are whichever ones you happen to use in referring to me.

    I've already filled out the role player's resume, so I don't see the point in repeating anything that's already on there?
    But, since I know not many people will want to bother to go looking for that I'll include the basics.

    • I prefer group rps, and will probably never do a one on one, even if I tell you I'll consider it. Don't trust me if I say I will. Groups that have four or more members are preferable.
    • My preferred genres are fantasy, fandom, and slice of life/realistic. Most other genres are fine too, it all really depends on the roleplay. I don't do pure romance and have no interest in it. I wouldn't mind at all if a rp completely lacked romance, but I also don't mind if there's some.
    • I can safely say that my rp level is adept, but I don't think I'm confident enough in myself to say advanced. I'm willing to roleplay in rps that are for the lower experience levels too, and if someone wanted me to I'd join an advanced one (though I'd probably be slightly worried that I wasn't good enough).
    • My IC posts will definitely have correct spelling and whatnot, but if I'm comfortable in the OOC I'll be way more relaxed on that stuff, so if you see OOC posts please don't think that is reflective of how I rp.
    • My characters don't tend to be completely nice or normal people, my current favorite character is a rather eccentric jerk...
    Though I might bot be actively seeking out roleplays, I'll always be open to considering invites.

    I hope to have fun roleplaying with you all!
  2. Well hello there, Ghost! Welcome to the community! :D