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  1. Hello everyone! Just joined yesterday so I thought I'd pop in and say hi. :) Although I'm new to the site, I'm quite an experienced roleplayer once I get back in to the swing of things. Feel free to check out my page and message me if you're interested in setting up a story line!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! It's good to always see new people!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Fae! Love the avatar picture ^_^
  4. Greetings Fae! :3 Welcome to the community!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm October nice to meet you!
  6. Thank you!
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  7. Hello everyone! Nice to meet all of you. :)
  8. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay!

    Also.. are you a fairy?
  9. Thank you! I am not... It's an old nickname I've had for various reasons, one of which being my resemblance/slight obsession with fae. :)
  10. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    The fae are wonderfull creatures... until you find that you came across the Unseelie.

    Hope you find some great stories to partake in, and of course Enjoy your stay :D
  11. Thank you! Yes, I've heard. :) I have a slight obsession with fae.
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