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I have no idea how to introduce myself and what I'm supposed to tell you, so let's try with the basic informations no one cares about :

My name is Seiden, I'm a 22 years old boy living in France. I'm a biology student at the university. My main hobbies are daydreaming, wasting my time on the computer, collecting Pokémon goods and playing random games. The things I love the most are sciences (many fields of sciences), Pokemons, Rubber Ducks, Black&White, good books, good art, my dog, my mom and the people that live in my head. I used to write a lot, but I stopped many years ago due to a big lack of self-confidence. I used to roleplay a lot but stopped it 8 years ago for some reasons. My last roleplay experiences are chat roleplay, and I actually loved it more than literate roleplay. Not that I can't write (I used to write novels when roleplaying on forums), but I love to focus more on the character and the story rather than the writing. When I want to write, I write a novel or a fiction, but if I want to roleplay, then I just want to roleplay, not write fictions. I'm not here as a writer, I'm here as a roleplayer, and I'd really prefer to focus more on character's depth than post length.
Anyway, even if I wanted to write 651 lines long roleplays in there, I couldn't. Being French, English is not my first language, and, actually, I'm not bilingual at all. I never read books in English, I never wrote English texts (fictions, articles, whatever), and tried English roleplay only once. Then, my English and writing skills are really bad.... I hope this is not too much of a problem for you. I really hope some of you would accept to roleplay with someone that can't do literary texts, someone that can't use complex words and phrasing. I'm not a beginner at all when it comes to create good characters and universes, but I'm a total beginner when it comes to write in English.
I'm here for two reasons : first, I want to improve my English and be able to write good English texts. Second, I want to roleplay, and the English roleplay system is way, way better (to me, at least) than the French roleplay system. That's why I want to try to roleplay with you, hoping you won't be too exigent.

So... What else am I supposed to say ?

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Well, welcome to Iwaku and the English Role play system! ^_^ With how well that entire text was written, you should be fine here. I have seen people who their main language is English and they still cannot do good roleplays. As long as you keep up with your roleplays and follow the rules of each one, I think you've got this!
good luck!


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Welcome! I'm really new here too, I actually just joined today. But I couldn't help but say hi! I'm an English roleplayer learning French, so I thought it was really cool to spot someone from France. Pleased to meet you! :cheerful:
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