Bonjour, tout le monde!

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  1. Hello, all. You may call me Lorien.

    I do speak French, actually, but not fluently. English is my mother tongue and my preferred medium for the art known as writing.

    I found Iwaku on my own and I joined because I liked the friendly and relaxed atmosphere I found here. Too many of the sites I'm a member on have been tightening their rules to the point of nearly being suffocating. I think I'll like it here and I hope I'm proven right.

    I'm keeping this introduction brief (usually I can go on indefinitely) because I'm eager to go find myself a role-play. I wanted to say "hi" first, though. It's rude to barge in without introducing oneself, but now I have.

    Please take good care of me!
  2. Tres bien! Je parle un peu francais! :D

    I too speak a bit of french, but it has been many years for me and my skills with it have deteriorated. I have actually been wanting to take some refresher courses so if I do I know who I will practice with now. I think you will really like this place though. There are some basic rules and stuff like every other site but Iwaku is really open, kind and welcoming to all types of people, styles and levels. In fact this is the most friendly forum I have ever been on in my entire time of searching for roleplay sites. So enjoy your stay!

    By the way what type of roleplays were you looking for?
  3. Ah! Très bon! J'aime parler français! If ever you want to speak in French with me, just ask. I really enjoy speaking the language and I'll never turn down an offer to use it. (I even like to make French characters, just so I can add a little French as an accent to the character.)

    I mostly do one-on-one role-plays. I prefer fantasy (and by fantasy, I mean everything from High Fantasy to modern vampires) and science fiction to realistic fiction. I'm also looking for more in-depth plots, requiring more complex characters. All in all, I'm not terribly picky when it comes to one-on-ones, though. I'm more cautious about joining group role-plays, because too often my presence has been a kiss of death to the role-play.

    I'm sure I'll enjoy it here.