Bonjour everyone!

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  1. Well, I suppose I better start this of right, eh?
    I'm Gigi and I'm new to this lovely website ^_^
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  2. Welcome to the site! There's plenty to do, if you need directions; you need only ask any member (staff or otherwise)

    What types of RP do you enjoy?
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  3. Oh lord, almost anything really. Fantasy (modern and medieval), sci-fi, mystery, drama, and horror. Plus I always like trying new types I've never done before, just to stretch the muscles of my imagination.
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  4. Awesome, you should have an easy time finding something you enjoy. i personally go for Fantasy/SciFi myself. If you ever want me for a rp, dont hesitate to message.
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  5. Oh excellent, I will keep you in mind!
  6. Hello, hello, and welcome! I see that you are new to this website. I got this funny feeling you're going to find a lot of awesome people to Roleplay with! Got any questions? Shoot me a pm! Have fun!
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  7. Welcome, welcome! I've been here about a week and I have to say, I'm hooked. Hopefully we can RP in the future, as we have a lot in common with our interests. ^_^
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  8. Welcome! I'm also fairly new and already this place is starting to feel like home. Hope it does the same for you!

    If you need anything, feel free to send me or anyone else a PM.
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  9. Awe, you guys are all so awesome. ^_^

  10. Welcome to this awesome site! I just joined not to long ago and i'm loving the community so I hope you have the same joy! :)
  11. Welcome! saw you comment on one of my posts earlier, had no idea you had just joined! Well, now that I do, let me congratulate and greet you, and extend the invitation to roleplay to you, should you wish for one, we can see if we can hammer something out. That being said, I might not be able to post too often, since it looks like you're usually on around 2 am my time. :p But I do what I can.
  12. Oh thanks! I'd love to take you up on your offer. Send me a message and we can start plotting something fantastic!
    I'm normally on until 1am my time which is gosh knows what time for you. That can all be worked out too ^_^
  13. i dont know what to say becuase everyone already said it so i guse 'hi' is all i can say so HI ^^
  14. Welcome! We should RP sometime, we have a lot in common! You banner to the right place to spill your imagination :)
  15. Oooh, that would be wonderful! ^_^
  16. Wanna do an rp right now!? :o!
  17. Well, I'm about to head to bed, but we can definitely get something started tomorrow :)
  18. Mistresses, Ladies... we're just classing up the place, aren't we? XD
    I'm always up for stretching my imagination muscles. Drop me a line if you get bored. ^^
  19. But of course, madame :D