Bonjour :3

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This is Bee :3
I'm an avid role player of up to five years.
I enjoy fantasy, horror, and romance.
I attempt photography and draw/paint.
Let me know if you have a request :]
I'm very friendly, and I love helping people and listening.
Anyways, gimme a shout if you want to role play or would like someone to talk to.
Hi I'm Vay, I enjoy sneaking up on and creeping people out, if you have any requests let me know >=)

I'm also one of the staff members here So I can answer any questions you may have. My first request is that you fill out a Roleplayer's Resume while not mandatory it helps us weed out the weak get to know you.
Bonjour~! Parlez-vous francais? :D Je parle un peu francais, c'est pourqoui je demande P:

Welcome to Iwaku ^^
If you have any questions, concerns, or need any kind of help, let me know :D
Oui, je parle francais, seulement un peu cependant. :3
Welcome to Iwaku, Bee! I'm Fluffy. And that's all you need to know. ^_~ Feel free to ask me for help if you need any. I do have a Greek mythology RP in the OOC section if you're interested. Very Fantastical.

Enjoy your stay. *Scurries off*
I shall check it out, and thank you.
:D Ah, hehe, je suis heureux que vous parlez francais! Un peu de bien parce-que je connais tres peu aussi 8D Vous voyez je prends un cours de francais a mon ecole... :D

Anyways 8D Even though this is fun! I forgot to introduce myself >_<

I'm Sakura, global moddie :D I take care of the welcoming board as well as the general, but you can also ask me if you need help anywhere else.
I do the little odd jobs every now and then, too!

When you're looking for a good roleplay or for other kinds of fun, lemme know :D

Je suis heureux de vous aider!
Well as long as you aren't a wasp, we're good. Welcome to the forum.
Meraviglioso! :D
Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask

*walks off into the shadows*
Haha welcome to Iwaku! I see you'll fit in quite well here! Enjoy your time! I know I do!
Welcome to Iwaku, and please pay no mind to the drooling, two syllable speaking sacks of meat that have addressed your thus far, minus myself.

They only want your brrrraaaaaiiiinnnnshi- errr.... Friend ship[.

Anways, I'm Jumi, a Roleplay Support, and Development Moderator. If you need help joining one, or creating one, just give me a Private Message, or send me a message via MSN. My account is under my page if you need to contact me. Enjoy yourself while you're here.
@Shadow Ike: Be careful in the dark D:

@Resurrected Grumpy: I'm willing to withstand some minor pain in order to prove you all wrong :3

@Tuxedo Mask: OMGOSH, I remember Sailor Moon, SQUEE!~

@Jumi: Meh, I'm sure they'll find my brains are protected by strong wit. And I'll be sure to contact you if I'm in need of help ^-^

*bites his thumb off and spits it out at you* Copper tone... mmm...


TO ARMS TO ARMS! *cough*

Well yeah you at least seem to have a better grasp of English than the reset of these... snobs. SO WELCOME TO THE BOARD! Yeah you probably think you know all the rules already and stuff... so I won't bother to try and help you out any! [:<

Have fun, posts lots, and hope to see you around... just don't cause any unnesscary drama that involves me and we'll be straight... like gangsta style and all. Not Frenchie style because none of them are straight... even the ones who think they are are not the way they dress...