Bonding [Incest, Age Difference]

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I'm looking for someone interested in playing a 14 year old female character doing an RP via Chat or IM.

The story is, a mother has been called away for a week long business trip at the last minute and needs a sitter for her daughter. Because it is so last minute, the only person who was available to do so was her 30 year old son. The son, had just lost his job, which caused his wife to leave him. He was living on the other side of the country for the past 10 years and rarely visited home. But the lack of work and depression drove him to move back in with his mother until he got back on his feet.

The mother, disapproving of poor public schools and distrusting of others after her rough divorce, homeschooled her daughter and kept her sheltered from the outside. With no friends or siblings, the daughter was stuck entertaining herself, gaining a very strong imagination. She is a fun loving teen and has tons of energy. Knowing her brother is back and barely knowing him excites and scares her at the same time.

The brother never really knew his sister, and after the divorce his mind isn't really in the right place. He finds the company of his sister very inviting and clings to her kindness.

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Kinks: Incest, Romantic and Rough Sex, Anal, Non-Con, Age Difference
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